What is a Redkey USB?

Redkey is a physical device that takes the form of a USB drive. It holds software designed to erase personal information from computers and other devices in a secure manner. Once activated online, Redkey can be utilized to erase information on unlimited computers, with no extra charge. Regular software updates are included with Redkey.

What computers will Redkey work on?

Probably yours… Redkey is compatible with a variety of computers, including most desktop and laptop PCs manufactured after 2000 and most Intel-based Apple computers made between 2006 and 2020. Minimum hardware specifications apply.

Will a data wipe remove my computers operating system?

Yes, a data wipe using Redkey will erase the operating system from the computer's hard drive, resulting in a clean hard drive with no data or operating system remaining. If you need assistance in reinstalling the operating system after the wipe, resources are available to guide you through the process. It is worth noting that when Redkey is used to erase external devices or mobile devices, it will not affect the operating system of the device being wiped.

Is Redkey compatible with modern SSDs, NVMe drives, and M.2 drives?

Yes, Redkey works with various types of storage devices including solid state drives (SSD), NVMe drives, M.2 drives, internal and external SSDs, USB drives, SD cards, and media cards. It is also compatible with traditional magnetic hard disk drives.

How does Redkey erase data?

Redkey employs multiple techniques to erase data from storage devices permanently. These techniques include sending direct firmware commands and overwriting existing data with binary data. The method applied by Redkey may vary depending on the device being erased and the type of storage medium. In essence, Redkey works by utilizing reliable technologies and methods to guarantee that all data is completely removed and cannot be recovered.

Does Redkey offer secure data erasure?

Yes, Redkey is equipped to perform secure erasure of data from storage devices. It utilizes ATA firmware-level commands to thoroughly erase all regions of the drive, ensuring that all data will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

How can I verify that Redkey has erased data successfully?

Upon completion of a data erasure using Redkey, a report is displayed on-screen confirming successful completion of the process. The Pro and Ultimate versions of Redkey allow you to save an enhanced PDF copy of the report for your records. Furthermore, Redkey has a built-in hex viewer that allows you to inspect your hard drive in hexadecimal format to confirm that all data has been erased beyond recovery.

What are the differences between the various Redkey editions?

Redkey comes in three editions: Home, Professional, and Ultimate. The Home edition provides basic data wiping capabilities, while the Professional and Ultimate editions offer added features and benefits. For more information on the specific differences between the three Redkey editions, you can refer to the product comparison page.

Can I upgrade to a higher edition of Redkey?

Yes, you have the option to upgrade your Home or Professional Redkey to a higher edition. This can be done by submitting an upgrade form and paying a fee, which is typically the price difference between the physical products available for purchase. Upgrading will grant you access to the extra features and benefits offered by the higher edition of Redkey.

Is it possible to receive free, lifetime updates for Redkey?

Yes, Redkey offers lifetime software updates to all its customers. You'll have access to free updates for the life of the product. Redkey releases new software updates regularly, so it's recommended to check back occasionally to see if any new updates are available. This will ensure that you're using the most recent version of the software and taking advantage of all its features and functions.

Is there a recurring charge for using Redkey?

No, there are no recurring fees for using Redkey. When you purchase the product, you can erase data from as many devices as you need without any additional expenses. Unlike other data wiping tools that charge per data wipe, Redkey offers a one-time investment for lifetime usage. This means that you can utilize the software whenever necessary without incurring extra costs, providing a cost-effective solution for data erasure needs.

Is there a limit to the number of devices I can use Redkey with?

No, there is no limit to the number of devices you can use Redkey with. Once you have purchased the product, you have the ability to use it as often as you need on an unlimited number of devices. Whether you need to erase data from one device or one hundred devices, you can do so with Redkey without any additional charges or restrictions.

What is a data wipe kit?

The availability of Redkey's data wipe kits is limited and they are not regularly available for purchase. These kits, which include tools for wiping and reinstalling a computer's operating system, come in limited editions and are equipped with an Ultimate edition of Redkey. The Bluekey device can be used with Microsoft's Windows Media Creation Tool to create a dedicated installation USB, while the Greenkey device provides a reliable method for backing up all of your files before transferring them back to a cleaned system. If you're interested in these data wipe kits, be sure to check the Redkey website periodically to see if they are in stock.

Apple Mac Info

Is Redkey compatible with Apple computers?

Redkey is designed to work on most Intel processor-based Apple computers, including the iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro produced between 2006 and 2020. However, it is not compatible with Apple devices using non-Intel processors (e.g. M1 or M2) manufactured from 2020 or older non-Intel Apple computers. To use Redkey, your Apple computer must have a minimum of an X86 or X64 processor and 1GB of RAM. Some models may require additional system configurations for Redkey to function properly.

Is it possible to activate and update Redkey on a Mac?

No, Redkey is not able to be activated or updated on an Apple computer. To use Redkey on a Mac, you will first need to activate and install the software on a suitable Microsoft Windows-based PC. After that, you can use Redkey on your Mac or other devices as needed, without the need for further activation or updates.

Mobile Devices

Which edition of Redkey can erase mobile devices?

To erase mobile devices using Redkey, you will require the Ultimate edition of the software. This edition offers the necessary features and capabilities to erase a wide range of iOS and Android devices. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the ability to erase a specific device may depend on various factors, such as the device's operating system version.

What Apple devices can Redkey erase?

Redkey can erase a variety of Apple mobile devices running iOS 9 or later, including iPhone 4S and later models. However, the ability to erase a specific device may depend on its operating system version and other factors. For devices that run an iOS version lower than 9 but can be upgraded to 9 or later, it's recommended to upgrade to the latest software version before erasing. For models that can't be upgraded, Redkey provides a partially automated process that requires manual steps. Our team is continuously working on developing a fully automated process for older models and will release it as soon as it becomes available.

What Android devices can Redkey erase?

Redkey can perform an automated wipe on a variety of Android mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, that have encryption enabled by default or manually. For devices running Android 10 or higher, encryption is required, so our automated process will likely work on these devices. It's worth noting that the ability to wipe a specific device may depend on the device, its operating system version, and other factors. For older Android devices, Redkey offers a semi-automated process that requires manual intervention in the form of a manual factory reset. We are currently working on expanding the scope of the automated erasure process for Android devices, and Redkey is known to work on devices as far back as version 2.x.x, although the exact version number may vary.

Is Redkey certified for mobile device erasure?

Yes. Redkey is certified for erasing both iOS and Android mobile telephone devices and can also be used to erase most tablet devices running either of these operating systems.

After a Redkey data erase, will my mobile device continue to function?

Yes, Redkey's data wiping process guarantees the permanent and secure removal of all user data from the device. The device remains operational and unaffected by the process, as it doesn't impact the operating system or any other core components. The exact method for erasing data may vary based on the device model and other considerations.


Is Redkey compatible with Chromebooks?

Redkey can work with Chromebooks using Intel processors, but it is not supported on Chromebooks with ARM processors at the moment. To check the type of processor installed in your Chromebook, you can look for an Intel sticker on the front of the device. Before using Redkey, make sure your Chromebook meets the necessary system requirements.

Other info

Is reselling of Redkey products allowed?

No, reselling our products is prohibited. Redkey products are sold exclusively through authorized channels and their distribution is strictly monitored to maintain the proper use of the software and to protect the company's intellectual property. Unauthorized use, such as reselling, could result in legal consequences relating to licensing, patents, trademarks, warranties, and other aspects. It is advisable to only purchase Redkey products through authorized channels.


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