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What is a Redkey USB?

Redkey is a USB drive containing software that will run a safe and secure wipe of any personal information that may remain on your computer or other devices. Once activated online, Redkey can be used to wipe as many computers as you want. There are no ongoing fees, and software updates are included.

What computers will Redkey work on?

Probably yours… Our Redkey products are compatible with most desktop & Laptop PCs made since 2000, as well as most (Intel™-based) Apple™ computers made between 2006 and 2020. Minimum hardware specifications apply.

Does a data wipe remove an operating system?

Yep. Redkey will securely erase all data from your computer's hard drive, including any operating system. A clean slate. We can provide links to resources on how to reinstall an operating system later if required.

Does Redkey work on SSD drives?

Yep. Redkey works on Solid State Drives (SSD), Internal and External, NVMEs, M.2s, USB Drives, SD Cards, and Media Cards of many types, in addition to traditional magnetic hard disc drives.

How does Redkey work?

In very simple terms, Redkey uses trusted technologies and methods to remove data permanently. These include using direct firmware commands, overwriting existing information with a stream of binary data, or a combination of them both.

Does Redkey provide a "secure" erase?

That’s exactly what we do! A crucial part of securely erasing a drive lies with using software that can use ATA firmware-level commands. Our product uses these commands. In other words, you don’t need to worry about areas of your drives that aren’t cleared. We’ve got the whole thing covered!

How can I be sure it's worked?

When you wipe your data, we make sure it is erased beyond recovery. At the end of the erasure process, you can view a report that verifies this on screen. The Pro & Ultimate editions are able to save an enhanced PDF copy of this report. If you really want to get into the nitty gritty, our built-in hex-viewer allows you to double-check that your data is gone by displaying the raw data as hexadecimal values.

What are the different Redkey editions for?

Redkey has three versions: Home, Professional, and Ultimate. Each successive version provides additional features and benefits. Check out our product comparison page for more specific information on this.

Can I upgrade my Redkey to a higher edition later?

Of course! All you need to do is submit our upgrade form and pay a fee, which is approximately the difference between the physical products in the store.

Lifetime software updates - really?

Yep! Once you’re in, you’re in. We want all of our customers to benefit from free software updates during the whole of the product’s lifetime. We’ve kept this promise since we made it nearly five years ago. We do release new software updates frequently, so be sure to check in every once in a while for new software.

No ongoing costs - really?

Yep! We get why’d you ask, as most of our competitors charge per data wipe, which really does add up over time. We know that’s a bad deal, and we are proud of the fact that Redkey USB is a one-time investment.

Unlimited use - really?

Yep. Free refills! When you purchase a Redkey, your license allows unlimited use on unlimited devices so long as it is attached during use.

What are data wipe kits for?

Our limited-edition data wipe kits help you wipe and reinstall a computer's operating system. The Bluekey device works with Microsoft's Windows Media Creation Tool to create a dedicated installation USB.
The high-capacity Greenkey device allows you to make a quick and reliable backup of all your files (images, music, videos, documents, etc.) before transferring them back to your cleaned system.
An Ultimate edition Redkey is included in all our data wipe kits. When used in combination with the other two keys, it forms a robust system for wiping and restoring a computer.

Apple Mac Info.

Does Redkey work on Apple computers?

Redkey is compatible with most Intel processor-based Apple computers, including the iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini & Mac Pro. This means that most Apple computers made between 2006 and 2020 can run Redkey. Redkey is currently not compatible with any non-Intel computers (M1, M2, etc.) made since 2020 or any (non-Intel) Apple computers made before 2006. Minimal system requirements apply (X86/X64 & 1GB RAM). Some system configurations may be necessary depending on the model.

Is there an updater App. available for Apple computers?

No. Although Redkey will work on most Intel Apple computers, you cannot activate or update it using them. You must use a suitable Microsoft Windows-based PC at least once to activate and install our software.


Doe's Redkey work on Chromebooks?

Redkey is compatible with most Intel processor-based Chromebooks (ARM processors are not supported). A sticker on the front of your system will indicate which kind of processor is installed. If you can see an Intel sticker, then Redkey should be compatible with your system.

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Can I resell your products?

We carefully control the distribution of our products to ensure that they are sold only through authorized channels. Warning: Any unauthorized use of our intellectual property may result in legal implications concerning licensing, patents, trademarks, warranties, and more.