• eliminate risk & protect your privacy
  • Certified data erasure. Military Grade Security.
  • Tracked Shipping Worldwide.
  • eliminate risk & protect your privacy
  • Certified data erasure. Military Grade Security.
  • Tracked Shipping Worldwide.

About Redkey


When you delete a picture from a computer, it's still actually there. The same goes for any other type of file. This means most files & data can easily be recovered from a computer - even after deletion. 

This poses a risk to all computer users, especially when it comes time to sell or recycle used equipment. Nobody wants someone sifting through their personal life on their old PC.

Redkey securely wipes the "Hard Drive" inside a computer - making data recovery impossible. The result is a clean computer - ready for safe sale or disposal.

Redkey is specially designed to be easy to use. It's been developed with the computer novice in mind. Just turn on your computer, hit a couple of keys, and let Redkey take care of the rest. After 60 seconds, your computer will begin to wipe automatically. There is an optional advanced menu where settings can be adjusted. Only Redkey features a semi-automated data wipe process.

Redkey is a pay-once product. It provides unlimited use. There are no recurring costs. It does not expire. There are no limits on how many computers you can wipe. Your Redkey must remain attached during use.

Uniquely, Redkey is fully updatable online and free software updates are included for the life of the product. Redkey is suitable for both home and business purposes. Redkey is available in 3 different editions:

Redkey Comparison Edition

HOME: Ideal for occasional use such as when selling or recycling a computer. Provides access to all essential data wipe functions including the 25 baseline security standards. Ideal for the novice - let Redkey take care of the data wipe process for you with our semi-automated process. Minimal interaction is required with little to no technical know-how. View a data wipe report on-screen. Gets the job done to Military certified standards.

PROFESSIONAL: Suited for the more familiar computer user. Redkey Professional builds on the functions of the home version plus introduces several new advanced features. Customize wipe settings to create your own data wipe algorithm and run it. View detailed system info. on screen and include this in your reports. View detailed drive information and gain an insight into your data storage devices. Customize the wipe process by importing your own screensaver JPG images and MP3 Audio. Save reports as PDF Certificates of Data Sanitization. Go the extra mile with Redkey professional. Feature loaded & great value.

ULTIMATE: Intended for use by computer experts, PC repair shops, and recycling services. Provides access to a few specialist features aimed at saving time during business use. Do you have a batch of similar computers to process? Then automate your Redkey using our new scripting feature. Simply edit and activate the script.txt file on each Redkey and run your Redkey fully automatically from boot. Enables auto-shutdown, auto report save & more. Redkey Ultimate also permits "optional" fields to be pre-edited and for this information to be saved to the Redkey for later recall. This helps makes asset tracking and processing quick & easy. Redkey Ultimate has everything you need to phase out your existing expensive pay-per-use solution while remaining compliant with North American NIST and European GDPR data destruction regulations. Forensically certified data erasure + certificates of data erasure. Add value to your customer base with Redkey Ultimate.

Secure erase technology: Our powerful new "Enhanced Secure Erase" technology acts as an electronic file shredder. Redkey now offers a choice of 25 genuine Data wipe standards in use by Military & Defense organizations worldwide. Redkey is Scientifically Proven (& Certified) to erase all user data from HDD's and SSD's. Data Wipe duration depends on various factors including Disk type & Disk size.

Faster: With our latest technology advancements, some newer computers can now be wiped within minutes or even seconds. Be sure to back up any data you wish to keep before using your Redkey - it's a powerful tool.

Reports: For home edition users, a brief on-screen data wipe report is presented at the end of the wipe process. Pro & Ultimate edition users can view an enhanced on-screen data wipe report and save this as a PDF file in the form of a "certificate of data sanitization" Reports can be saved either on the Redkey or another USB drive. Your PDFs can then of course be stored, printed, or emailed. View and download a sample Certificate of Data Erasure here.

Hex Viewer: Our new "HEX viewer" is like having your own built-in mini forensics lab. This feature allows you to visually inspect your hard drive data before & after a data wipe. With our HEX viewer, it's now possible to verify with your own eyes that a data wipe has been successful.

Wider support: Redkey now supports many different types of hard drives including HDD, SSD, USB, NVME, M.2, PCIe & eMMC. This means Redkey V3 can wipe many of the latest personal computers on the market as well as older ones dating back to the last 15-20 years or so. See below for full technical specifications and minimal system requirements.

Improved user interface: The Redkey user interface has been substantially improved over its predecessor software. Graphics are now sharper. Several new design 'themes' may now be selected from within our new media menu. A new Matrix-style "Data Wiped" screen appears when the wipe process is complete along with some cool completion music! A beacon then signals every few minutes to remind you that the data wipe is complete. All audio-visual options may be muted, volume adjusted, or even disabled permanently as preferred.

Relaxing screensavers: Pleasant nature-themed screensavers display automatically during the data wipe process. Watch the images magically fade away to simulate data being wiped. A video simulation of our screensaver can be found here. Pro & Ultimate users can import custom (JPG) images and (MP3) audio to replace the default screensaver pictures & music.

Audio: Audio effects further improve the V3 user experience. Click here to listen (soundboard) to a few of the new sound effects and extracts of the music we've incorporated. Music is active when screensaver images are displayed.

Construction: Redkey is made from Anodized Aluminium with Lazer etched Logos.

Language options:
We have now translated Redkey into several different languages. This was one of our stretch goals which has been achieved.

Free online updates: Once you receive your key, you'll need to activate and update it before use. Access to an internet-enabled Windows 7 or above PC required.

Compatibility: Redkey works on both internally and externally connected drives including USB flash drives and external hard drives. Individual drives can be selected for a wipe from within the advanced menu. Redkey is not rated for certain specialist / commercial equipment such as servers, data centre hardware, network disk arrays & virtual computers.

*By default, Redkey will automatically wipe all data on every drive detected. Access the advanced menu to adjust settings if required. Redkey works on most personal home computers made since 2000 with a standard USB port. Some computers may require you to adjust your system configuration before use. Minimal system requirements apply - Windows™ style Desktops & Laptops, Min 1GB RAM, X86 & above + Most Macs™ made between 2006 and 2016 (Intel™-based) that incorporate a standard USB port. Redkey features Arrow Certified Technology status. That is to say, our Product, and processes have been independently audited by a reputable 3rd party. Redkey also features independently certified data erasure. Redkey is forensically proven to erase all user data from HDDs & SSDs.

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