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About Redkey

Redkey USB is the world's leading certified data wipe solution for all your computer and smart device needs, with no subscription necessary and no ongoing costs. Every Redkey includes free updates for life and is available in Home, Professional & Ultimate editions.

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If you own a computer, tablet, or smartphone - you need the Redkey USB. It's simply the easiest way to permanently and securely wipe your digital assets, quickly and safely, without damaging them in any way. Before you consider donating, gifting, or selling your electronic devices - let the Redkey USB clean them up for you.

Redkey is a sophisticated, military-grade, permanent information disposal device. This convenient key-chain sized tool contains everything needed to wipe your PC, Mac and new for V4 - Tablets and smartphones.

Redkey includes access to free software updates for the product's life, backed by a two-year warranty. All versions of Redkey provide unlimited use with no ongoing costs. Your Redkey must remain attached during use.

Using the Redkey couldn't be easier. Activate the device with a working PC, which gives you access to free lifetime updates and loads it with the latest software. Then, insert your Redkey into the target computer. Power up the computer and hit whatever key gets you into the boot menu. Select the Redkey USB, and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Redkey comes in several software versions, depending on your needs. Home, Professional & Ultimate.

New features for V4:

Smart device wiping ability: Redkey V4 Ultimate can now wipe a range of Apple and Android - Tablets and Smart Phones. All you need is a suitable data cable and a little patience to prepare the device. Our new wipe wizard feature will guide you through the process, step by step. Redkey works in combination with your device's existing functions to bring you an additional layer of security that is better than a factory reset alone.

Wipe Wizard™: This new user-friendly mode guides you through a wipe process step-by-step, thereby eliminating any guesswork. Get the results you need in the easiest way possible with our helpful new Wipe Wizard™.

Remote wipe mode: All editions of Redkey can now be used to wipe other computers connected over a local area network. A suitable LAN network connection is required, and minimal system requirements apply. Be careful - Redkey is a powerful tool.

AutoNuke™: This cool new wipe mode is designed to wipe data quickly and efficiently. Professional & Ultimate edition & above users will be able to access a unique animated sci-fi style 'auto-destruction sequence - complete with audio.

Technical info: Redkey works on most Desktop & Laptop PC's made since 2000, and most (Intel-based) Apple computers made between 2006 and 2020. Redkey is not compatible with Apple silicon computers. Redkey USB V4 'Ultimate' can wipe Apple iPhone's & iPad's through a computer running Redkey and has been tested successfully on most models. Redkey USB V4 'Ultimate' is also able to wipe most Android-based Smartphones & Tablets and has been tested successfully on various models made by various manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, LG and more. Device configuration may be required. Exceptions apply. Redkey software minimal system requirements: X86/X64 & 1GB RAM. (or 4GB if utilizing the new remote wipe feature.) Redkey is not rated for certain commercial equipment such as servers and disk arrays. Redkey works on internally and externally connected storage drives for PCs, including HDD and SSDs. Individual drives may be selected for a wipe. Redkey can wipe a remote system connected over a suitable LAN connection. Warning: Redkey permanently destroys all data. Redkey must be kept attached during use. Software EULA & terms & conditions of use apply.