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About Redkey

Data gone Forever!

We now live in a world where most homes & businesses rely on computers. So what should we do when it comes time to sell or re-purpose our old equipment? Nobody wants personal info to be dug up on their old PC! Only hitting delete or resetting doesn't mean your data is actually gone. Redkey is the solution you need to wipe any computer 100% permanently and securely. It looks like an ordinary USB stick, but it's completely different; it's designed to erase data - not store it! Just plug it into your computer at start-up, and initiate the wipe. An easy to use menu is built into the key. Stop worrying about that old PC taking up valuable space; with Redkey USB - your data is truly gone forever!


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About our company:

Redkey was originally introduced through crowdfunding on Kickstarter during March 2018. Our concept was simple: create an easy-to-use data wipe tool. Since then, Redkey has gone from strength to strength. During 2020 our product became independently certified to erase all user data from HDD  & SSD drives by ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance ) Our research & development cycle has been continuous since Redkey was formed. We frequently roll out new features and benefits via our free to use online activation and update system. Every Redkey includes unlimited lifetime software updates. 


Redkey USB - data gone forever!