Activate & Update


Updater (64-Bit)

To activate and update your Redkey, download this program. This version is designed for modern Windows PCs running a 64-bit operating system. If you encounter any issues, try the alternative download below.


Updater (32-Bit)

If you are using an older PC or encounter an issue with the main version of the updater, try this version instead.


Other information

About product activation

You'll need to activate your Redkey before you can use it. Fully open the packaging to reveal a scratch-off panel - a unique activation code is hidden underneath. Enter your unique code into the updater when prompted. Once activated, proceed to update the software on your key. Activation must take place on a suitable Windows®-based PC. Internet connection required. Download size Approx. 1GB. Do not attempt to activate your device (successfully) more than once. If you do, your device will become blocked, and you will need to request customer support.

About our updater App.

Redkey Updater App. is a free, downloadable program that runs directly from your computer without any installation necessary. Once you've updated and activated your Redkey, you can safely delete the program.

About Legacy Redkeys (V1 & V2 Keys)

V1 and V2 Redkeys were not supplied with different versions of software, so they did not have activation codes. However, users can request one for free. Requests must be made directly through the Updater app itself - while your Redkey is attached. Run the Updater app program and hit "Request Activation Code." You'll be asked to provide a few details for verification. We will review your application and get back to you by email, usually within 72 hours.

About using the latest updater

Always use the latest version of Redkey Updater available for download. New versions of this program are frequently released. Older versions cease to operate when a new version is introduced and may not warn that they are outdated.

Current SW version

Redkey is always being improved and updated. The latest version of Redkey USB software is version 4.36. The latest version of our desktop Redkey Updater App. is version 2.70. Stay up-to-date with the latest new features that will help you work more efficiently.


Click here to find out more about Redkeys latest developments. Access our software change log and more.


To upgrade your Home or Professional Redkey to a higher edition, purchase an upgrade code by completing this form. Once we have verified that the information you provided is correct, we will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will email you a copy of your upgrade activation code within 48 hours. Upgrades currently cost Approx. $30 per level; exchange rates may vary.

Scripting Console

Ultimate edition only - since version 2.65 of our updater you can create, edit, and configure automated scripts directly from within the updater itself. No more complicated programming text files! Access this new function through the Settings menu of the updater. Scripting helps you save time when processing batches of similar computers.

Lost activation code?

If you disposed of your packaging before activating, you can request a new activation code. To do this, open the Redkey updater app and hit Request activation code. Then fill in your details and hit send. We will get back to you within 72 hours with your code.