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Redkey USB: Watch short video & protect your privacy

Planning to ever Recycle, trade or give away a Computer?

First, use Redkey to securely wipe all data. Redkey USB addresses the problem of your personal information being discovered when a computer is disposed of.

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Inherent security.

The RedKey uses a special process to permanently & securely destroy all data, to the point where it ceases to exist.

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Peace of Mind as standard.

After the Redkey has been used, you can safely dispose of a computer in any way without worrying about any personal data being discovered afterwards. 

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The RedKey USB is currently being manufactured & we are taking pre-orders now for August 2018 Fulfilment / delivery. 

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The Redkey works automatically so requires no technical expertise. 

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RedKey USB addresses the problem of your personal information being discovered when a computer is disposed of or scrapped. Privacy breaches are a constant threat. Equifax and the recent Facebook breach with Cambridge Analytica is a warning to all computer users. 


Personal information or "data" as it is commonly known, can easily be retrieved from computers, even after it's been deleted. RedKey USB eliminates the threat of someone accessing your personal data. Without it, you are vulnerable to a privacy breach.


If you ever plan to recycle, give away, or sell a computer, you need this product. Use RedKey USB to securely and permanently wipe all data.

Where can I use it?

For home and business use, the RedKey USB is specifically designed to be easy to use. Simply plug it into a USB port, then switch on power to initiate a wipe. It is designed to work automatically, and no further interaction is required. This is the first product of its kind. It's a powerful & useful tool. Now you can quickly wipe all your old computers effortlessly and securely.

Ease of Use

Using the RedKey USB is intuitive and it comes with fold-out, easy to follow instructions. Further support will be available online through a dedicated RedKey USB website or via social media. 

Will it work on my PC / Mac?

RedKey USB works on all PC's – Desktop, Laptops, and all Mac's, including those with SSD drives. An optional advanced menu area is built in to the device too. RedKey USB will be able to be updated over the internet. However, all updates will be optional. The data erase algorithm is highly secure. The Redkey looks like an ordinary USB stick, but it is completely different - it is designed to erase data - not store it. 

Automated Use

RedKey USB automatically wipes when inserted to make it easy to use and accessible to people with minimal technical knowledge. It works on partially broken PC's, as in when PC's have missing keys, broken screen, or otherwise malfunctioning. Automatic start overcomes that problem, and for safety reasons, there is a 60-second grace period before the program starts which helps prevent any mistaken use. RedKey USB will include some audio beeps so that you can hear when a PC has been wiped which is useful if you cannot see the screen of a PC.

Project Details

RedKey USB is a global endeavour, the hardware technology will be manufactured in California, USA. The software is being developed in Geneva, Switzerland. The project is being coordinated and developed by myself in Warwick, UK where everything will be assembled too. Some packaging is supplied from China.


If you are one of the 143 million Americans that were affected by the Equifax breach, which also impacted the UK and Canada, you know how important it is to protect your personal data. Keep your data from getting into the wrong hands by using RedKey USB. I have specifically designed the Redkey to be easy to use. It works automatically, so it requires minimal technical knowledge. It will have no shelf life, so you can use it as many times as you like on as many different computers as you like.

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