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Eliminate risk, protect privacy

Redkey is the solution you need to wipe any computer 100% safely and securely. It looks like an ordinary USB stick, but its completely different. Its designed to erase data, not store it!

Easy to use

Software on convenient USB Key. Ready to go, right out of the box. Plug Redkey into your computer & power on to initiate a wipe. Only Redkey features an easy automated process. Interaction optional.


Ready to go, straight out of the box. 

Save time & effort

Up & running in 2 mins. Interaction optional!

Great value

No subscriptions. Never expires

Data gone forever

Our motto and prime objective. Data recovery is impossible after a Redkey wipe. Sell, recycle or repurpose computers without risk using the #1 trusted data wipe solution for thousands of homes & businesses worldwide.

Selling a PC or Mac?

Hitting delete doesn't remove data. If you don't want somebody sifting through your personal life when selling your old computer on eBay, use Redkey USB to erase everything. Data wipe kits also available. Support is always on hand. 

Home & business use

An advanced options menu makes Redkey ideal for basic computer administration and maintenance. Ideal for repairs or simply refreshing. Sanitize, recycle, or repurpose I.T. assets with confidence. Basic reporting is available for compliance purposes. Wipe up to 6 drives individually or in parallel. Customize wipe algorithms.

Product Development

Redkey remains committed to a continuous software research & development cycle that is currently making good progress. New features & benefits are periodically released through software updates online. We are currently working on our new V3 software, with a significant release timetabled for mid-2020 (current global events permitting).