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Protect your Privacy

You don’t have to worry about the security of your personal information anymore. Redkey makes sure that all data on a hard drive gets securely erased. Data gone forever!

Redkey USB Data Wipe Tool
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Designed to be easy to use. Be up & running in minutes.


*Redkey works with most Desktop & Laptop computers. (PC & Mac.)


Lifetime software updates included. Product activates & updates online.


Unlimited use on unlimited computers. Re-use your Redkey over and over.


One-time purchase. No subscriptions. No ongoing costs. Great value!

Secure erase

Real Military Grade Security as standard. Get protected today.


Recommended by industry leaders & trusted by over 12,500 users worldwide.


Redkey is a supported product. Need assistance? We are on hand to help.

Available in Home, Professional & Ultimate editions:

Data Wiped Screen on Laptop
Hard Disk Drive Solid State Storage

Widely Compatible

*Redkey works on most Windows™ compatible Desktop & Laptop PCs manufactured since 2001, and most Intel™ based Apple Macs™ manufactured between 2006 & 2019. Min. System Req's: X86/64 processor + 1GB RAM. Access to a standard USB port is required.

Certified Data Erasure

Redkey is scientifically proven to erase all user data from HDD and SSD. Benefit from up to 25 internationally recognized Data Wipe standards that make sure no trace of your information ever remains on your drive.

Data Wipe Standards Algorithm DOD NIST 800-88 ADISA
Data Wipe Standards Mobile


Redkey permanently and securely erases all information from a computer's hard drive. The process is irreversible.

Yes. Redkey is suitable for Solid State Drives as well as traditional HDD - Hard Disk Drives.

At the end of your wipe process, a report will be displayed detailing what exactly happened. You may also doublecheck the process has been successful using the built in Hex viewer. We make sure no one using our software is left wondering if their personal information has been erased properly.

Yes. Did you know that Redkey can be activated then updated online continuously? Our free downloadable updater app makes it easy. A Windows 7 or above PC + a live internet is required for this process, but once complete your computer will have lifetime updates as well! Updates are released periodically so make sure to check back often - we'll keep on providing just what you need at no extra cost.

No. Redkey is a one-time investment that will serve you for years. There are no subscription costs or ongoing fees of any kind, so it's great value by any standards!

Yes. Redkey provides unlimited use on unlimited computers. It never expires. Redkey must remain attached during use.

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2021 Computing Security Awards

This is incredible! We are so honoured to have been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2021 Computing security awards under the category of Secure Data & Asset Disposal company of the year. We know that our values resonate with so many people in the IT industry. If Redkey has helped your business, please consider nominating us for the honour of winner today! Click on link to cast your vote now. An acknowledgment will be sent when your vote has been received. Voting closes on the 19th of November, 2021.

Redkey USB Computing Security Awards Finalist
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