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The tool you need when selling or recycling a computer.

Redkey USB is designed to wipe all data, from any* computer, securely & permanently. After the wipe process is complete, you are protected.

Selling / Recycling a PC or Mac?

Hitting delete doesn't always get rid of your data, so if you don’t want someone sifting through your personal life when ditching your old computer, use Redkey USB to erase everything.

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Inherent security

Nothing can recover data from a computer after it has been wiped with a Redkey. It's a powerful tool, for use when you need to be 100% sure. Hence: "Data gone forever!"

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Easy to use

Redkey is specifically designed to be easy to use - it works automatically! Just plug it in to a spare USB port before powering on your computer, and initiate the wipe. 

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Recycle without risk

Digitally sanitise old I.T. equipment then offset costs by liquidating redundant assets. Eliminate the risk of exposing your intellectual property to competitors. Suitable for home & business purposes. Non-restrictive licence and no ongoing costs. A great business investment.

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Why use Redkey?

RedKey USB addresses the problem of data being discovered when a computer is disposed of. Data can easily be retrieved from computers, even after it's been deleted. Using a Redkey prevents this from happening. 

How does it work?

RedKey uses a special multiple-stage process to permanently and securely erase all data from the storage disk(s) inside a computer. It will also erase externally connected disks. 

Will it work on my computer?

RedKey works on most home & business type computers, PC's – Desktop, Laptops, and Mac's, including those with SSD drives. The Redkey plugs in to a spare USB port. USB A-C adaptors are available for computers without a USB port. 

How do I use it?

Simply plug Redkey in to a spare USB port, then switch on power to initiate a wipe. The RedKey is designed to work automatically. An advanced menu is also available where wipe options may be customised.  Comprehensive instructions are included.

Word from Redkey USB Founder - Gareth Owen

If you are one of the 143 million Americans that were affected by the Equifax breach, which also impacted the UK and Canada, you will understand how important it is to protect your personal data. Stop your data from falling into the wrong hands by using RedKey USB. This product has been specifically designed to be easy to use. It works automatically as far as is possible, so it requires minimal technical knowledge to operate. The Redkey has no restrictive licence terms, and you can use it as many times as you like on as many different computers as you like. It should serve you for years to come. 

Customer Reviews:

Justin (USA) : "I had an old laptop I was wanting to dispose of, but in the current day, I could not just hope for the best. RedKey is just what I was looking for. It is very easy to use with multiple options for the more advanced users. I feel confident now that I can get rid of my old equipment without exposing myself to data theft."

Jared (USA) : "Red Key is by far the best campaign I’ve ever participated in! I finally have peace of mind when I choose to update my computer. No more worrying about who might dig up my personal info! Thanks again!"

Kenneth (United Kingdom) : "Superb system. Redkey used to completely clear computer & attached disks. Blue key allows you to make USB restorable operating system. Simple like all great ideas & products!"

Mohammed (Saudi Arabia) : "Thank you so much for this amazing device. I am a software professional and nobody knows better how important it is protect your code and clean wipe the data after every project/development. This is the easiest tool I have used so far, its faster than any other hardware out there, the simple UI & graphics are a plus even for a beginner. Complete peace of mind Guaranteed. I recommend this to geeks, professionals and anyone who is concerned about their data protection out there. Thanks again, look forward to more upgrades/updates on this product."

Guenther (Germany) : "With the Red Key I feel safe. I can offer my old Equipment without the fear to sell my private data too. Thx"

Martin (Japan) : "Very satisfied with the product! The RedKey is exactly what I was looking for. Simply to use and effective."

Phil (Germany) : "I bought a Redkey because i never had a safe feeling when i sold some of my old PC’s but now with it i know that everything is deleted and no one can misuse my personal data. No more worries about selling my old devices. Thank you"