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Selling or Recycling a computer? First, use Redkey to wipe all data. Learn more:

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Designed for the novice! Plug in to a spare USB socket & power up to launch. PC & Mac. Learn more:

eliminate risk & Protect your privacy

Redkey will wipe all data - permanently & securely. Once the wipe is complete, you are protected. 


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The tool you need when selling or recycling a computer


Hitting delete doesn't always get rid of your data, so if you don’t want someone sifting through your personal life when ditching your old computer, use Redkey USB to erase everything. Compatible with PC & Macintosh. 


Redkey is specifically designed to be easy to use - it works automatically! Just plug it in to a spare USB port before powering on your computer, and initiate the wipe using the easy to use menu built in to the key. 

recycling / donating?

Suitable for home & business use. Sanitise old / redundant I.T. equipment in-house. Protects you and your customers from a data breach. Non-restrictive licence. Finally - a product that will serve you for years to come!

protect against fraud

Redkey uses an advanced algorithm to erase your computer in a way that is much more secure than deleting files or restoring to factory settings. Secure & permanent. Recycle without risk. for use when there can be no exceptions. its a powerful tool!


How does it work?

RedKey uses a special process to permanently and securely erase all data from the storage disks inside a computer.

Will it work on my computer?

RedKey works on most home & business type computers including PC's & Macs - including those with SSD drives. X86 and above / 256Mb Ram min. 

How do I use it?

Simply plug Redkey in to a spare USB port, then switch on power to initiate a wipe. The RedKey is designed to work automatically.

Does it expire?

No! Redkey uses a perpetual licence. You can use it as many times as you like on as many different computers as you like. It will serve you for years. 


I finally have peace of mind when I choose to update my computer. No more worrying about who might dig up my personal info. Thanks again!

Jared (USA)

I bought a Redkey because I never had a safe feeling when I sold some of my old PC's. But now I know everything is gone & nobody can misuse my personal data. Thank you.

Guenther (Germany)

Superb system. Redkey used to completely clear computer and attached disks. Simple and effective like all great ideas and products! Cheers!

Ken (UK)