Redkey USB ADISA Certified Product Claims Test

ADISA Certified Data Erasure

Our Redkey V4 data wipe software is certified to level 2 on solid-state drives and magnetic hard disks by ADISA Certification Limited, an accreditation body offering certification to manufacturers, developers and service providers of software, hardware and data sanitisation solutions worldwide.

Arrow Certified Technology

In 2021, Arrow confirmed that Redkey's electronic and software designs were feasible for manufacturing. Arrow is a global $23B technology company with thousands of engineers and marketing support to help start-ups like Redkey successfully design and produce their product.

Redkey USB Arrow Certified Technology
Redkey USB Computing Security Awards Finalist 2021

Computing Security Awards 2021

In December 2021, Redkey USB LTD competed for the Secure Data & Asset Disposal Company of the Year award at an awards ceremony in London. We came in second place as a runner-up!