Certified Data Wipe Erase Hard Drive

Importance of Using Certified Data Sanitization Solutions

In today's digital world, choosing certified software for data sanitization is absolutely critical. Such solutions go through strict testing to confirm they can really wipe data permanently, keeping in line with laws and regulations. It's crucial to pick software that delivers on its promises, ensuring your data erasure methods are secure and meet standards like NIST, GDPR, and HIPAA.


Certified Hard Drive Erasure

Redkey USB software is certified for comprehensive data sanitization on SSD (Solid State Drives) and MHD (Magnetic HDD) storage media. Based on the NIST 800-88 purge standard, our software ensures data is rendered irrecoverable by forensic techniques, meeting ADISA Test Level 1 and Level 2 standards with an ADISA assurance level of 4. This certification reflects our commitment to top-tier data security and privacy.

SSD MHD Certification

Certified iOS Cell Phone Erasure

For iOS mobile cell phone devices, Redkey USB Ultimate software provides a certified erasure solution that effectively sanitizes all user data. This process is certified using our proprietary Redkey Mobile Wipe Level 1 standard, ensuring data is irrecoverable by forensic techniques up to the ADISA Test Level 1 standard and achieves an ADISA assurance level of 3.

iOS Certification
Redkey USB ADISA Droid

Certified Android Cell Phone Erasure

Similarly, our Ultimate edition Redkey USB software offers a certified erasure solution for Android mobile cell phone devices. It is certified using our proprietary Redkey Mobile Wipe Level 1 standard, ensuring thorough data sanitization and irrecoverability by forensic techniques, aligning with ADISA Test Level 1 standard and reaching an ADISA assurance level of 3.

Android Certification
Redkey USB Award Computer Security

2023 Award Winners

We're thrilled to announce that Redkey USB LTD has been honoured as the 2023 Security Project of the Year winner for the private sector at the Computing Security Awards in London. This prestigious award comes on the heels of our previous successes, where we were nominated for Secure Data & Asset Disposal Company of the Year in both 2021 and 2023, achieving runner-up positions in each. These recognitions further cement our reputation as leaders in the field.

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Redkey USB Cert Arrow

Arrow Certified Technology

In 2021, Redkey was a participant in the Arrow certification program, where its product designs were thoroughly vetted by experienced engineers. Arrow, known as a global technology company, offers expertise in helping companies design and manufacture their products. Though the program is no longer active, Redkey successfully met the criteria and received endorsement for its product designs during its involvement.

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Redkey USB Cert Business Awards

Outstanding Innovation

At the 2021 Global Business Excellence Awards, we won the Outstanding Innovation category. This prestigious award is bestowed upon companies that have demonstrated excellence in innovation and financial results, as well as benefits to customers, employees, and communities.

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