Redkey Data Wipe Software

V5.15 Nov 23rd, 2023 (Live)

  • Adjusted Hardware Version Ranges and Format: Further updates to the serial number ranges and formatting displayed in the top bar of the application.

V5.14 Nov 15th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Report Fields Editing (Pro Version): Enhanced editing capabilities for report fields in the Pro version.
  • New Hardware Version Ranges and Format: Updated ranges and formatting displayed in the top bar of the application.
  • Language Support: Language tables are now sourced directly from the translations server for improved accuracy and diversity.
  • Serial Port Mode: Now available for both local boot and remote use. Update files include necessary support files, such as alternate EFI and BIOS boot files. Batch files for manual switching are located in the 'Mode_Switch' subfolder. These files display a warning and confirmation prompt when enabling the Serial Port mode.

V5.12 Sep 14th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Bugfix: Correction of an issue with the detection of Android devices using the latest Android OS in the Redkey USB Ultimate edition.

V5.11 Aug 24th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Bugfix: Enhancements to the Android device detection process in the Ultimate edition for improved performance and consistency.

V5.10 Aug 10th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Remote Shutdown Enhancement: Ability to shut down a computer remotely after data wiping. Includes a dedicated switch in the 'wipe in progress' screen.
  • Hex Viewer Updates: Enhanced navigation in both GUI and TUI modes, with keyboard shortcuts and improved scrolling.
  • Screenshot Function Improvements: Ability to capture pop-up messages in both GUI & TUI interfaces, with a new dedicated screenshot button.
  • Online/Offline Toggle in Main Settings: New toggle switch for internet connection status. Includes guidance for connecting to the internet when required.

V5.03 Jul 4th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Upgraded RAID Controller & Logical Disk Detection: Improved detection capabilities with new alerts and detailed system-reported insights.
  • Splash Screen Bug Resolution: Fixed malfunctioning splash screen issue during a timeout when no sound device is present.
  • Enhanced System Clock Check: Refined system clock check to correct significant time variances.

V5.00 Jun 26th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Device Selection Efficiency: 'This one' button glows green when only one device is detected.
  • Automated Erasure for Older Apple Devices: Guided online erasure process for older Apple models, including reinstalling IPSW firmware.
  • Language Table Updates: Added descriptions for the IPSW restore process and Internet Setup menus.
  • Cache Files Location Improvements: New icons and highlights for status indications, excluding FAT32 formatted partitions.
  • Refined Mobile Wipe Options: Overhauled layout with intuitive icons and border highlights.
  • Selection Logic Advancements: Improved logic for restore and manual options, with new prompts for auto-lock.
  • Restore Step Layout Refresh: Integration of steps indicator, dynamic 'scanning' animation, and detailed progress information.
  • Thorough Compatibility Checks: Extensive testing on various devices, including iPhones and iPads, with enhanced failure detection.

V4.85 Apr 21st, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Mobile Preparation Screens Enhancements - Apple Devices: Steps for charging, software updating, backing up, iCloud logout, and SIM card removal.
  • Mobile Preparation Screens Enhancements - Android Devices: Steps for charging, software updating, backing up, logging out, SIM card removal, and enabling Developer mode and USB Debugging.
  • Improved Error Handling for Specific Devices: Enhanced prompts for SATA disks and Dell RAID settings.
  • NVME Suspend Requirement: Logic for handling problematic NVMEs, particularly Samsung models and Lenovo ThinkPads.

V4.84 Apr 14th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Anthy Keyboard Configuration in Menu Settings: Settings for configuring the Anthy keyboard, mainly in the Japanese language pack.

V4.83 Apr 12th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Japanese Keyboard System Enhancement: Advanced settings area for the Japanese keyboard system, enhancing typing and report creation in Japanese.

V4.82 Apr 9th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Enhanced Japanese Language Handling: Improved support for Japanese text and new screenshot feature on the Data Wiped screen.

V4.81 Apr 5th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Text Entry Support Improvements: Enhanced support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi text entry, with new sub-modes and key combinations.

V4.80 Mar 29th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Localized Text Entry Support: Update includes localized text entry support and multiple bug fixes for an improved user experience.

V4.62 Mar 1st, 2023 (Discontinued)

Mobile Device Reconnection Fix: Resolved an issue with mobile devices struggling to reconnect after a factory reset.

V4.61 Feb 5th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Report and Language Enhancements: Revamped date formatting in reports, support for specific fonts in multiple languages, and improved display comprehension in the English language table.

V4.57 Jan 29th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Bugfixes and Enhancements: Fixes for speech playback, updates to user settings files, and new features like automatic report saving and script control.

V4.50 Jan 17th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Boot Loader and Remote Mode Updates: Upgrades to the Linux boot loader files and remote mode boot files, along with various bug fixes.

V4.41 Dec 30th, 2022 (Discontinued)

Ultimate, Automated Erase for iOS and Android: Automated erasure for iOS 9+ and Android 10+ devices, with updates to the English language pack and mobile erase process.

V4.36 Jun 27th, 2022 (Discontinued)

GUI Improvements and New Features: Sleek and modern GUI updates, top-bar notification feature, Linux Bullseye subsystem upgrade, custom screensavers, audio enhancements, and the introduction of the Wipe Wizard.

V3.80 Nov 9th, 2021 (Discontinued)

Boot Menu and Loader Updates: Changes to boot menus and loaders for a smoother experience, along with secure screenshot integration and screensaver improvements.

V3.72 Jan 20th, 2021 (Discontinued)

Improved SED Detection: Enhanced SED detection on high-end systems for optimal performance.

V3.71 Jan 14th, 2021 (Discontinued)

Enhanced Stability on High-End Systems: Improvements for a more reliable experience on high-end systems.

V3.70 Dec 15th, 2020 (Discontinued)

  • Wipe by Partition Feature: Added capability for more controlled data wiping.
  • Bugfixes: Improvements to NVME device compatibility and resolution of the system hang issue with empty card readers.

V3.67 Dec 1st, 2020 (Discontinued)

Crash Resolution: Fixed a crash issue post-language menu selection on some systems.

V3.65 Nov 11th, 2020 (Discontinued)

Help Screen Feature and Language Improvements: New help screen feature and enhanced support for Asian languages in the TUI.

V3.63 Nov 10th, 2020 (Discontinued)

Multi-Language Support Enhancements: Introduction of actual translations for multi-language support.

V3.62 Nov 8th, 2020 (Discontinued)

Suspend Feature and GUI Troubleshooting: Improved Suspend feature, new GUI troubleshooting options, and enhancements to USB card reader handling.

Redkey Updater App.

3.17 Jan 4th, 2024 (Live)

  • Serial Number Copy Function: Now you can easily copy your serial number to the clipboard with a new button. A prompt will confirm that the serial number has been copied, making it more convenient for you to use when needed.

  • Activation Code Pasting Enhancement: We've added a new button for pasting activation codes directly from the clipboard. Our updater intelligently filters the clipboard text to include only digits, disregarding any dashes or spaces. If the filtered text has exactly 20 digits, it will automatically fill in the activation code fields. If the digit count doesn't match, an error prompt will guide you.

  • Volume Label Update: We've refined the volume label setting process. When formatting a Redkey USB, whether for updating a new key or performing a factory reset, the volume label will now correctly display as “REDKEY_USB”. This update resolves the issue where the V5 volume name was incorrectly showing as V4.

3.15 Nov 23rd, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Adjusted Hardware Version Ranges and Format (Info Section): Updated hardware version ranges and formatting, now displayed in the Info section.

3.10 Nov 15th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Language Support: The Updater now uses language tables directly from the translations server. The language file is embedded within the main executable file.
  • Report Fields Editing (Pro Version, Settings Menu): Enhanced capabilities for editing report fields in the Pro version, accessible via the Settings menu.
  • New Hardware Version Ranges and Format (Info Section): Updated hardware version ranges and formatting, now displayed in the Info section.
  • Serial Mode Switch (Settings Menu): Includes an option for the Serial Mode switch. Checks for the serial mode configuration and adjusts the switch accordingly.

3.07 Aug 10th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Instant Update Check: Automatic update checks upon opening the app, with an auto-update feature for versions newer than 3.02.
  • Better Look & Feel: Refreshed app appearance with new animations and updated 'About' section.
  • Device Removal Safety: Added a safe ejection button for Redkey, ensuring risk-free disconnection.

3.02 Jun 26th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Back-End Changes: Key back-end changes for compatibility with the forthcoming V5 software release.

3.01 Mar 29th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Bug Fix & Activation Menu: Bug fix and addition of an activation menu to the settings area.

3.00 Mar 21st, 2023 (Discontinued)

Updated Appearance & Menu Logic: Revised appearance and menu logic.

2.75 Feb 17th, 2023 (Discontinued)

  • Server Mirrors & Download Speed: Introduction of server mirrors for faster downloads and resolution of "key not found" errors.
  • Mirror List & Issue Resolution: Mirror list sorted by ping and resolution of "key disconnected" messages.

2.71 Jan 29th, 2023 (Discontinued)

Settings File Format Compatibility: Changes for compatibility with new settings file format and script saving.

2.70 Aug 29th, 2022 (Discontinued)

  • Update Button Display Bug Fix: Resolution of the update button display bug.
  • Back-End Updates: Enhancements for a smoother experience.

2.65 Jul 25th, 2022 (Discontinued)

  • New Scripting Console: Settings menu scripting console for Ultimate edition users.
  • Obsolete Message & Speed Improvements: Display of obsolete message for outdated versions and improved download and installation speeds.
  • Network Stability & Language Packs: Network stability enhancements and language pack updates.

2.61 Jul 19th, 2022 (Discontinued)

Graphics Scaling Bug Fix: Resolution of graphics issues when windows are scaled.

2.60 Jun 26th, 2022 (Discontinued)

V4 Security Enhancements: Addition of V4 security enhancements for improved protection.

2.50 May 2nd, 2022 (Discontinued)

EULA Update for V4: EULA updated to reflect changes and updates for V4.

2.48 Apr 7th, 2022 (Discontinued)

New Versions & Stability Improvements: Release of new x86 and x64 versions and stability improvements.

2.45 Oct 13th, 2022 (Discontinued)

Advertising Feature & Language Packs: Addition of an advertising feature and updates to language packs.

2.35 Sep 23rd, 2021 (Discontinued)

Updater Hang & Network Card Bug Fixes: Fixes for updater hang in complex network configurations and multiple network card scenarios.

2.33 Sep 22nd, 2021 (Discontinued)

Secure Screenshot Function & Security Enhancements: Addition of secure screenshot function and further security enhancements.

2.32 Sep 10th, 2021 (Discontinued)

Warranty Date Corrections & Display: Correction of incorrect warranty dates and provisional display of warranty dates.

2.30 Aug 27th, 2021 (Discontinued)

  • Server Selection Improvements: Bugfixes and enhancements for server selection.
  • ICMP Traffic & Manual Server Mirror Selection: Message for blocked ICMP traffic and manual server mirror selection.

2.27 Aug 25th, 2021 (Discontinued)

Stability Improvements: Enhancements for a more reliable experience.

2.25 Aug 23rd, 2021 (Discontinued)

  • Connection Status & Network Speed Test: Display of connection status and addition of network speed test.
  • Security & Fault Code Explanations: Prevention of wrong activation code entry and addition of fault code explanations.

2.18 Nov 10th, 2020 (Discontinued)

Stability Improvements: Enhancements for a more reliable experience.