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Ultimate Data Wipe Kit 128: Backup, Wipe, & Restore System

Ultimate Data Wipe Kit 128: Backup, Wipe, & Restore System

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Introducing the Ultimate Data Wipe Kit, a distinctive and sought-after solution for comprehensive data management and security, exclusive to our brand. This unique kit features a trio of keys with dual connectors, setting a new standard for compatibility and ease of use in data backup, wipe, and restoration.

Begin your data management process with the 128GB Greenkey, designed for secure data backup, ensuring your files are preserved safely. The Redkey, the cornerstone of our kit, comes ready for the Ultimate edition of our software, offering the most advanced features for thoroughly erasing data from your hard drive and safeguarding your privacy. The journey ends with the 16GB Bluekey, which smoothly reinstates your operating system, preparing your device for future endeavors.

Each kit, renowned for its rarity and innovation, is neatly packaged in a protective DVD case along with printed instructions, marrying convenience with top-tier security. Ideal for tech professionals and privacy-focused individuals alike, this kit not only signifies a commitment to data protection but also marks an investment in a scarce and prestigious technology exclusive to our customers.

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Data Wipe Kit Specific Details

128GB Greenkey:

The 128GB Greenkey is designed for data backup, offering ample storage capacity for preserving your files securely. It serves as the initial step in your data management process, ensuring the safe preservation of your documents before proceeding with any data wiping or restoration procedures. Whether you're safeguarding personal files or critical business data, the Greenkey provides reliable storage for efficient backups, catering to various user needs and scenarios.

Redkey USB Ultimate:

The cornerstone of our kit, the Redkey, comes equipped for the Ultimate edition software, providing advanced features for comprehensive data erasure. Utilizing certified secure erase technology, it ensures complete wiping of hard drives, permanently removing sensitive information and safeguarding privacy. Whether you're decommissioning old hardware or preparing devices for resale, the Redkey offers a robust solution for data sanitization. For more technical details on the Redkey, please refer to the separate section below.

16GB Bluekey:

Acting as the final piece of the data management puzzle, the Bluekey facilitates the smooth restoration of the operating system. Once the data wiping process is complete, the Bluekey steps in to reinstall the operating system, ensuring that your device is reset to its factory state and ready for future use. Whether you're refreshing devices for redeployment within your organization or preparing them for resale, the Bluekey streamlines the restoration process, saving time and ensuring consistency across multiple devices.

DVD Case Presentation and Printed Manual:

Each Ultimate Data Wipe Kit is meticulously packaged in a protective DVD-style case, featuring a protective foam insert with color-coded sections for each key. This design ensures secure storage and easy organization, allowing you to quickly access the specific key you need for your data management tasks. Additionally, the case includes a printed manual with comprehensive instructions, guiding you through the backup, wipe, and restoration processes with clarity and precision. This thoughtfully designed packaging not only enhances convenience but also reflects our commitment to delivering a seamless user experience from start to finish. Whether you're a seasoned tech professional or a first-time user, our DVD case presentation and printed manual ensure that you're equipped with everything you need to confidently manage your data security tasks.

Technical Details - Redkey Ultimate

Standard features:

Works on most PC & Mac™ computers.
Completely wipes a hard drive.
Certified secure data erasure.
Unlimited use.
Lifetime SW updates.
No ongoing costs.
No Subscriptions.
Activates & updates online.

Ultimate edition extras:

Expanding beyond the Home and Professional editions, plus...
Wipe Apple & Android mobile devices.
Works on most iPhones, iPads made from 2006.
Works on most Android-based Smartphones & Tablets since Android 2.36.
Scripting: Save time by automating repetitive tasks.
Reports: Import pre-filled optional info. to save time.

Latest Features:

Wipe Wizard™ - Easily complete tasks through on-screen prompts.
Remote Mode - Wipe other computers connected via LAN.
AutoNuke™ - Wipes everything in a uniquely cool way.
Improved graphics - Refreshing new interface & menu structure.
USB 3.0C - Connectivity options. Improved loading times.

Security functions:

Full-disk drive certified secure erase technology.
Suitable for computers with HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB & more.
Secure erase - Detect, clear and wipe hidden data fragments.
Select drives to be wiped.
Wipe several drives simultaneously.
Optional advanced menu.
Check results with the built-in binary viewer.
Wipe by partition.


View, save & edit full PDF reports.
Enter Optional info. to reports.
Save, Edit & Import Optional info.
Reports are digitally signed with a unique identification number.

Interface features:

Support for 20 languages and dialects.
Graphical / Text interface support.
Audio support & speech synthesis.
View system statistics.
Built-in help features.
Light / Dark mode.
Nature-themed screensavers play during a wipe.

What's in the box?

1x Redkey Dual USB-C enabled for V5 Ultimate edition software.
1x Greenkey 128GB Dual USB-C Flash Drive.
1x Bluekey 16GB Dual USB-C Flash Drive.
1x Sealed security DVD-style packaging with color-coded foam inserts.
1x Ultimate edition activation code (Sticker on postal card inside packaging.)
1x Activation guide.
1x Quick start guide.


Redkey works on most Desktop & Laptop PCs made since 2000 and most (Intel™-based) Apple™ computers made between 2006 and 2020. Our software requires the following minimum hardware specifications to install and operate correctly:

For Redkey Software:
An X86 or X64 PC with a minimum 1GB RAM. (4GB RAM Req. for remote mode)
A suitable USB 2.0 port with USB boot capability.
A suitable display adaptor.
A suitable display, keyboard, and mouse.
Exceptions apply. Some devices may require pre-configuration.

For Redkey USB Updater Application:
A Windows™ 7 (or above) PC with a minimum 1GB RAM.
A live internet connection. (Download size Approx. 1GB)
A suitable USB 2.0 port.
A suitable display adaptor.
A suitable display, keyboard, and mouse.

Additional info:

Redkey permanently erases all data. Prior to using our software, consent to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA) is mandatory. Should you not accept the EULA terms, installation or use of our software is strictly prohibited. It is essential to keep the Redkey device connected throughout its use. Notably, Redkey is not suitable for use with certain types of commercial equipment, including specific servers, proprietary RAID disk arrays, and other data centre hardware. If there's any uncertainty regarding compatibility, we strongly advise consulting our FAQs section or reaching out to us directly before proceeding. For those seeking in-depth information on Redkey, a comprehensive PDF technical manual is available for free download from our website. Activation codes are provided within the product’s packaging. While we strive to represent our products accurately, minor variations in colour, design, texture, function, and packaging may occur.

"Redkey is easy enough to use that pretty much anyone could do it."

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