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Data Wipe Stickers x 100 - Visual Data Wipe Confirmation

Data Wipe Stickers x 100 - Visual Data Wipe Confirmation

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Enhance your data security measures and add a visual element to your devices with our Data Wipe Stickers, featuring a dichroic finish.

The package contains 100 (one hundred) stickers, conveniently pre-sectioned into strips of three, designed to clearly indicate devices that have been securely cleared of data.

These stickers are suitable for tech professionals and organizations, serving as a visual commitment to strict data privacy standards. They can be applied to laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even desktop PCs or servers, making them a practical tool in data security protocols.

Essential for clear communication, these stickers combine functionality with a distinctive design.

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Technical details

Design & Purpose:

Our stickers feature a dichroic finish for a holographic-like effect, signifying a secure data wipe. They're not just functional; they make a statement of thorough data privacy on a variety of devices.

Compatibility & Application:

These stickers adhere well to most smooth surfaces but may adhere less effectively to certain devices with anti-adhesive finishes. Their versatility extends beyond traditional devices, making them look great even on desktop PCs and servers.


Each sticker, about 32mm in diameter, comes in strips of 3 for easy application. With 100 stickers per pack, they're designed to meet both individual and bulk requirements.

Customer Confidence:

Every order of our data wipe products includes three sample stickers, allowing you to test the unique dichroic effect and the adhesive quality on different device finishes. This approach reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction and secure data management.

Digital Design Copy for Listings and Distribution:

Upon request, we are pleased to provide a digital copy of the sticker design for use in any listings, whether they be on eBay, other online marketplaces, or for liquidations. This digital asset is also ideal for any situation where you're passing on an erased device for recycling, reuse, or resale, ensuring that the device's data-wiped status is clearly communicated. We're committed to enhancing your ability to showcase the security measures taken, and we are actively developing a system to include this digital download automatically with each purchase in the near future, aiming to simplify and improve the process for redistributing secured devices.

Please Note:

We make every effort to accurately represent our products, but slight variations in color, design, texture, and packaging may exist.

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