Redkey USB Kit

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Will you ever Sell, Recycle or Donate a computer?

First, use Redkey USB to securely wipe all of your data!

Personal information can easily be found on sold, scrapped or donated computers, even after you’ve done your best to delete it. The RedKey uses a special process to securely and permanently wipe a computer.

Powerful tool

The Redkey looks like an ordinary USB stick, but it is completely different - it is designed to erase data - not store it. RedKey uses a special process to securely & permanently destroy all data. After the Redkey has been used, you can safely dispose of a computer in any way. 

Easy to use

Redkey is designed to work automatically. Just plug it in to a spare USB port and switch on power initiate the wipe. The wipe usually takes about an hour or so, and will leave your computer completely clean. 

Free 16GB Bluekey Included

Every Redkey comes complete with a "Bluekey" 16GB Memory stick. It makes the perfect companion for the Redkey, and can be used to store files on, or transfer them to another computer. 

Eliminate Risk

The Equifax and recent Facebook breach with Cambridge Analytica is a warning to all computer users. Redkey protects you from Hackers and Snoopers. Without it, you are vulnerable to a privacy breach. If you ever plan to sell, recycle or even just give-away a computer, you need this product.

Privacy breaches are a constant threat.

RedKey USB is specifically designed to be easy to use and is suitable for home and business use.

There are no Licence restrictions with the Redkey, once purchased, you can wipe as many computers with it as you wish. Quickly wipe all of your old computers - effortlessly and securely.

RedKey USB works on most computers - PC's, Desktops, Laptops, and Mac's made after 2006, The software also works on computers with SSD drives.

An optional advanced menu area is built in to the device where settings can be changed. The data erase algorithm is highly secure.

RedKey USB automatically wipes when inserted to make it easy to use with minimal technical knowledge required. It also works on partially broken PC's, as in when PC's have missing keys, broken screen, or otherwise malfunctioning. Automatic start overcomes such problems, but for safety reasons - there is a 60-second grace period before the program starts which helps prevent any mistaken use.

RedKey USB includes audio beeps so that you can hear when a PC has been wiped which is useful if you cannot see the screen of a PC. A computer will beep 5 times every 5 minutes once it has been wiped.

Delivered to your door in a letterbox sized parcel.  

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