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Ultimate 5: Tech. Team Leader Pack

Ultimate 5: Tech. Team Leader Pack

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Get cybersecurity off your desk once and for all! Secure peace of mind for your organization’s computer systems with a pack of five Ultimate data wipe tools featuring dual USB connectors. It’s never been this affordable to equip your team with the right tools. 

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Technical details

About Redkey Ultimate:

Redkey Ultimate is a comprehensive data destruction solution developed specifically for the needs of corporations and businesses. It allows you to meet all current data sanitation regulations, including HIPAA, NIST, GDPR & more, at a fraction of the cost of your current expensive subscription-based solution. Save time and automate repetitive tasks through our programmable "scripting" feature, which can be used to process batches of similar computers. Redkey Ultimate also supports wiping Apple & Android mobile devices. Presented in our new Dual USB+C design. 

Typically used by:

Our Ultimate 5: Tech. Team Leader Packs are typically purchased by organizations whose employees work in the following fields:

Corporate IT.
Larger businesses.
Government / Defense.
NGOs / Charities.
Medical / Legal.
Finance / Insurance.
IT Reverse logistics.
ITAD / Recycling services.
Equipment refurbishing.
ICT Resellers.
& More!

Standard features:

Works on most PC & Mac™ computers.
Completely wipes a hard drive.
Certified secure data erasure.
Unlimited use.
Lifetime SW updates.
No ongoing costs.
No Subscriptions.
Activates & updates online.

Ultimate edition extras:

Ultimate extra features: (Includes all features of Home & Pro. editions, and...)
Wipe Apple & Android mobile devices.
Works on most iPhones, iPads made from 2006.
Works on most Android-based Smartphones & Tablets since Android 2.36.
Scripting: Save time by automating repetitive tasks.
Reports: Import pre-filled optional info. to save time.

New features for V4:

Wipe Wizard™ - Easily complete tasks through on-screen prompts.
Remote Mode - Wipe other computers connected via LAN.
AutoNuke™ - Wipes everything in a uniquely cool way.
Improved graphics - Refreshing new interface & menu structure.
USB 3.0C - Connectivity options. Improved loading times.

Security functions:

Full-disk drive certified secure erase technology.
Suitable for computers with HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB & more.
Secure erase - Detect, clear and wipe hidden data fragments.
Select drives to be wiped.
Wipe several drives simultaneously.
Optional advanced menu.
Check results with the built-in binary viewer.
Wipe by partition.

Ultimate Reporting:

View, save & edit full PDF reports.
Enter Optional info. to reports.
Save, Edit & Import Optional info.
Reports are digitally signed with a unique identification number.

Interface features:

Support for 20 languages and dialects.
Graphical / Text interface support.
Audio support & speech synthesis.
View system statistics.
Built-in help features.
Light / Dark mode.
Nature-themed screensavers play during a wipe.

What's in the box?

5x Redkey Ultimate Dual USB-C devices.
5x Sealed security packaging.
5x Ultimate activation codes (inside packaging.)
5x Activation guides.
5x Quick start guides.


Redkey works on most Desktop & Laptop PCs made since 2000 and most (Intel™-based) Apple™ computers made between 2006 and 2020. Our software requires the following minimum hardware specifications to install and operate correctly:

For Redkey Software:
An X86 or X64 PC with a minimum 1GB RAM. (4GB RAM Req. for remote mode)
A suitable USB 2.0 port with USB boot capability.
A suitable display adaptor.
A suitable display, keyboard, and mouse.
Exceptions apply. Some devices may require pre-configuration.

For Redkey USB Updater Application:
A Windows™ 7 (or above) PC with a minimum 1GB RAM.
A live internet connection. (Download size Approx. 1GB)
A suitable USB 2.0 port.
A suitable display adaptor.
A suitable display, keyboard, and mouse.

Additional info:

Redkey permanently destroys all data. Before using our software, you must agree to the terms and conditions of a software End User License Agreement. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the EULA, you must not install or use our software. Redkey must be kept attached during use. Redkey is not rated for certain commercial equipment like servers, proprietary disk arrays and other data centre hardware. For advanced users, a PDF user / technical manual is available for free download from our website. Activation codes are supplied within the product's packaging. Although we do our best to ensure that our products are accurately represented, there may be subtle variations in color, design, texture and packaging.

"Redkey is easy enough to use that pretty much anyone could do it."

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