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Never lose your keys again with these comfortable, fashionable state-of-the-art lanyards! Available in Red & Blue only.

With all the technological advances in science that have occurred since the industrial revolution, we seem to have yet to develop a tool that makes us feel comfortable about our keys! They are hard to locate in our pockets in a hurry, and we always feel like we have lost them unless we habitually check. How about a chain or pocket lanyard? They like to snag on things, and in some areas, they make a certain type of fashion statement that you may not want to associate with! This goes double for the chains that everyone put on their wallets and keys in the late 1990s.

So, what are we to do? How can we comfortably keep our precious keys within easy reach while also keeping them safe from thieves or the simple probability of losing them? This fashionable lanyard at long last solves this age-old problem. You've never seen a lanyard like this before. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary cheap lanyard that you see all over the place, but looks can be deceiving. Observe the unique shades of colour with this particular version, designed to blend in and match just about any type of clothing.

When its chameleon abilities simply can't work, such as with formalwear, this lanyard is extremely comfortable to tuck underneath shirts, blouses, and so on - preserving your professional dignity while also preserving your confidence in where your keys are (and your ability to access them in a hurry!)

See that clamp? It's solid! That clamp is made of the best modern alloys available within a reasonable price. But that's not all. This lanyard took the concept of wearable accessories seriously, offering a safety clasp on the back, making it easy to remove, while also giving it the ability to be fastened to things like backpacks, rear-view mirrors, and other such things for those who like to enjoy business on the move. These are not just lanyards; they're diverse!

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Technical details


Primary colors! The distinct shades chosen for these lanyards wasn’t selected by chance. Fashion is tricky, and one can never predict what someone may have to wear on any given day. That’s why neutral primary shades were chosen, capable of blending in matching with most outfits, and with casual wear, even blending in if you so choose. In fact, this diminutive yet comfortable and durable material design will comfortably blend in with almost any outfit.

Quality materials:

This isn’t just any old nylon or polyester blend, the designers of this high-and lanyard chose the best materials available for consumers. This unique blend of fabric is both attractive and comfortable. It allows your skin to breathe while wearing it, dries quickly should be exposed to rain, and is resistant to picking up residue from things like sweat and body oils, meaning it stays clean for an exceptional amount of time.

Durable clasp:

One of the biggest complaints with a lot of lanyards and similar designs is the failure of the clamp. They often either fail with the opening mechanism, rust shut or simply fall off of the lanyard really fastened to the material. You needn’t worry about that with this lanyard, as the best steel/aluminium/nickel alloy is used for the construction of this clamp.

One size fits all:

When most people say one-size-fits-all, they don’t mean that it will be a nice fit. That’s not the case with this lanyard – it’s the optimum 90cm length which reduces the amount of swinging the keys will do, while also ensuring optimal comfort and confidence if you have a particularly active lifestyle. If you want a lanyard that is not too long nor too short - this is the one to choose.

Safety break:

Easily take this lanyard off with the durable safety clasp - rarely seen on cheaper lanyards. This also opens up other possibilities to connect this lanyard to other things, meaning that you don’t always have to use it as a neck string. This lanyard could be an excellent tool for hiking camping and other romps in nature, connecting to your backpack, your pants or any number of other things, secure and safe, meaning you will never lose your keys!


Please note that lanyards of this style are not compatible with USB-C Redkeys, as the loop on the USB portion is too small to accommodate a clip. 

Additional info:

Although we do our best to ensure that our products are accurately represented, there may be subtle variations in color, design, texture and packaging.

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