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SW Change Log

Planned Redkey Software release: V4.0 (Expected April - June 2022)

New Feature - Wipe Mobile devices (Ultimate edition)
New Feature - Wipe Wizard - all users
New Feature - AutoNuke - all users (Enhanced for Pro+)
New Feature - Wipe remote systems - all users.
New Feature - Light / Dark mode.
Change - Revised menu structure
Change - Improved Graphics

+ More!

Current Redkey Software Version: V3.80

3.80 Nov 9th, 2021.
Change - Boot menu(s) changes + loader update.
Change - Boot menu 'legacy' resolution options moved to a sub menu.
Change - Loader debug info. screen now not displayed.
Change - EFI - Removed the initial menu for debugging mode.
New Feature - Integrated secure screenshot function.
Change - Matrix screensaver now always shows upon wipe completion.
Change - Matrix screensaver smoother animation.
Change - Matrix screensaver added Japanese chars.

3.72 Jan 20th, 2021.
Change - Improve SED detection on high end systems.

3.71 Jan 14th, 2021.
Change - Increase stability on high end systems.

3.70 Dec 15th, 2020.
New Feature - Wipe by partition.
Change - Changed standards to use NFR as the NVME alternative for SER/ESE (was NSR.)
Bugfix - Wipe standards enable for NVME devices (some that requires HPA/DCO.)
Bugfix – Empty card readers might cause system to hang.

3.67 Dec 1st, 2020.
Bugfix - Crash after language menu on some systems.

3.65 Nov 11th, 2020
New feature - Help screen feature added.
New feature - Pre- select language in options donotmodify.txt file.
Bugfix – adjust display of Asian languages in TUI (full width char's.)

3.63 Nov 10th, 2020
New feature - Add Multi-language support (actual translations.)

3.62 Nov 8th, 2020
New features - Suspend Improvements (new process, voice mode, auto-resume.)
New feature - GUI Troubleshooting options (UI Menu.)
Change - Support for disabling timers in options file.
Change - Ignore certain USB card readers with no card inserted.
Change - Remove Wipe Stop option.
Bugfix - Quit GUI if no acceptable resolutions found.


Current Redkey Updater App Version (Windows) - 2.45
Warning: Do not use a VPN while using the updater app.

MD5#: 54f5b2f32fbea8861cb30cf6679de9f9
SHA256#: e3b4188cf026daba4d8f4660c8fbb9279c1dac1746cc2cd58b2bc74e27facb9b
File Size: 7.53 MB (7900024 Bytes)

2.45 Oct 13th, 2021.
New feature - Advertising
New feature - New / updated all language packs. zh, hr, cs, da, nl, en-au, en-ca, en-uk, en-us, fi, fr, de, el, hi, is, id, it, ja, ko, ms, nn, pl, pt, ro, ru, es, sv, th, tr, uk, cy,

2.35 Sep 23rd, 2021.
Bugfix - Fixed updater hang if complex network config.
Bugfix - Fixed updater bug if too many network cards present.
Bugfix - Stability Improvements.

2.33 Sep 22nd, 2021.
New feature - Secure Screenshot Function Added.
New feature - Security Enhancements.

2.32 Sep 10th, 2021.
Bugfix - Warranty dates incorrect for some users.
New feature - Warranty date improvements. (Will now show as provisional)

2.30 Aug 27th, 2021.
Bugfix - Server selection improvements.
Change - Add message "cannot detect closest mirror automatically" in case of ICMP(ping) traffic is blocked by firewall.
Change - Add ability to manually select server mirror

2.27 Aug 25th, 2021.
Bugfix - Stability improvements.

2.25 Aug 23rd, 2021.
New feature - Connection Status now shown.
New feature - Network Speed Test.
New feature - Prevent wrong Activation code being entered.
New feature - Explain fault codes.
Change - Wording of message on close.

2.18 Nov 10th, 2020
Bugfix - Stability improvements.

Page last updated: Nov 9th, 2021