Media Articles

Computing Security: Oct, 2021

"With all the focus on cybercriminals and internet attacks, it's easy to forget that data breaches can easily occur, if businesses fail to remove confidential data when discarding or selling on their old computers..."

TradologyUK: Sep, 2021

"We are extremely happy to announce an exciting partnership between TradologyUK Ltd and RedkeyUSB Ltd that will see our data sanitisation service take a huge step forward."

Dave's Tech Support: Sep, 2021

"Redkey is the ultimate tool for erasing hard drives. It’s an easy-to-use, affordable solution that will help protect your privacy and ensure that no one can access your personal information..."

Hub Pages: Sep, 2021

"Privacy has always been important, with people storing important documents in safes in the past, and now digitally as well. But the idea of privacy has changed through the years and for many is centered around a computer..."

The Gadget Flow: Apr, 2018

"Securely wipe all your data from a computer with the RedKey USB Computer Data Erasing Device. If you’re going to sell, give away or recycle your computer, you need to make sure you wipe all the data. Often, data can still be retrieved after deletion..."

Trendhunter: Mar, 2018

"Selling or recycling device is a common practice for many users who are looking to upgrade to the latest model, so the REDKEY USB key has been developed as a way to help protect your data in the process..."

Geeks Room: Mar, 2018

"RedKey USB is a device with the format of a key, but it does not precisely unlock or block the lock of a door, drawer or cabinet, this key is a USB device with software which allows you to completely erase all data, including the operating system of a computer that you are going to give away or sell..."

Inside Hook: May, 2018

"Redkey USB, recently fully funded on Kickstarter, is the world’s easiest data-erasing device, a tiny key that plugs into a laptop or desktop’s USB slot for immediate slate-cleaning and presumably easier sleeping..."

Gadget Guy: Mar, 2018

"We can’t sleep the night properly after selling an old Laptop or a computer by thinking only one thing. It is not about its resale price but whether the internal data is completely removed or not! Very few people who are well aware of the expertise of hardware and software of a computer system knows that the deleted data can be recovered..."

Yahoo Taiwan: Mar, 2018

"In this era of digitalization, modern people have fewer opportunities to use pen and paper, and many confidential and sensitive information are stored in computers or the cloud. When you leave the company, you have to hand over the company's computer; or when you want to auction or recycle your old computer online, you must remember to completely clear the data in the hard drive..."

Early Adopter: Apr, 2018

"Redkey has the same effect as Neo's chosen red pill. It completely 'deletes' data from your PC. It looks like a USB memory stick, but it's completely different. It's a tool that deletes data rather than saves it..."

Funshop: Apr, 2018

"Some people think of USB memory when they see the design. Of course, the design is similar, but the use is completely different.The purpose of this is not to save data like a USB memory, but to erase the stored data..."

Geeky Gadgets: Mar, 2018

"Quickly and efficiently removing your personal documents data passwords and other media from your laptop or computer before you sell it or pass it on to other family members normally takes quite some time. RedKey Provides an easier way..."