• Computer data-wipe tool
  • Eliminate risk - Protect your privacy
  • Computer data-wipe tool
  • Eliminate risk - Protect your privacy

About Redkey


Redkey is specifically designed to be easy to use - it works automatically! Just plug it in to a spare USB port before powering on your computer, and initiate the wipe - using the easy to use menu built in to the key. Interaction is optional.


The end result is a clean computer - ready for safe sale or disposal. Now you can wipe all of your old computers - effortlessly. A quick-start guide + full instructions are included. Finally, a product that is easy to use!



The Redkey is suitable for home & business use. Sanitise your old / redundant I.T. equipment at home or at work, and eliminate the risk of a data breach. 



Redkey stops your personal information being discovered when a computer is disposed of. Personal Information or any other data can easily be found on computers - even after it's been deleted. Data is stored on the "hard drive" inside every computer. The Redkey uses a special process to digitally wipe your computer’s hard drive in a way that is much more secure than just "deleting" or "resetting." The Redkey is a heavy-duty wipe solution for when you need to be 100% certain the job is done properly.



  • Sale: eBay|Amazon|Gumtree|Facebook|Craigslist|Auctions 

Sell your Equipment, not your personal information!

  • Recycling: Free-cycle|Collection companies|Municipal / Domestic Waste sites

Don't risk a data-breach when doing the right thing! 

  • Donating: Charity|Schools|Education|Non-Profit Organisations

Make sure your old equipment is clean before it's new lease of life! 

  • Workplace: System Admin|Liquidation|Asset Redeployment|GDPR NIST Compliance

Exercise due diligence! Sanitise redundant equipment before it even leaves the premises. Or simply wipe & redeploy machines. Save time, effort and resource! 

  • When Buying: Pro-tip; when buying or receiving a used PC, make sure it's as clean as if you were selling it. 

Don't just accept a machine as it stands. Start off fresh with a Redkey wipe! 

  • Gifts: Hand-me-downs|Giving an old computer to family, friends, Etc. 

Make sure your computer is clear of any history, pictures or videos before giving it away. Gift with confidence! 

  • Properly remove Spyware|Virus|Trojan|Malware.

Redkey destroys viruses and other malicious programs that inferior desktop based programs such as "ccleaner" can not even access! 

  • Sanitise computer equipment when travelling in/out of certain countries.

When travelling in and out of certain jurisdictions, its a good idea to make sure you have no data on you! 

  • Stop Hackers|Snoops|Law Enforcement |Government|Companies|Spies 

No organisation can recover data from your machine after a wipe with the Redkey. 

  • Speed up a slow PC by wiping clean and starting fresh.

Tune up your machine! Start fresh and get that new PC speed back again! 

  • Connect multiple drives and create a cleaning station on an old PC. 

Redkey supports up to 6 discs to be wiped simultaneously. RAID and JBOD compatible.   

  • Use in a crisis / emergency situation. 

Activate Redkey protocol! Leave nothing to chance. 


+ Much more...



Simply plug your Redkey in to a spare USB port on the computer to be wiped, then switch on power. It’s designed to work automatically, and once loaded - no further interaction is required. Your computer will start to wipe after 60 seconds (this can be skipped if urgent) and after an hour or more, the wipe process is completed. When the wipe is complete, this is visually indicated on your screen, and also indicated by audio beeps every 5 minutes. Wipe duration depends on several factors, mainly the size of the drive(s) in your computer. The Redkey will wipe up to 6 in parallel. 



RedKey USB works on most home / business type computers with a spare USB port available. This includes PC's, Desktop's & Laptops made since 2000 & Mac / MacBook’s made since 2006. 32+64 Bit supported. X86 and above. It works with both HDD Hard Drives and the latest Solid State drive technology including SSD, eMMC, M.2 and nVME drives and combinations thereof. The Redkey can work with either a keyboard, a mouse, or both (or even neither if pre-configured to do so.) It can even work on partially broken computers where you can't see the screen properly. For this reason, audio buzzer signals are included so you can hear when a computer has been wiped. It works on both PC's & Macs including laptop variants. Redkey may not work on some server / virtual / specialist type computers.



No. The Redkey is a "pay-once" product and is designed to last for years. You can use it to wipe as many computers as you want, as many times as you wish. It never runs out. 



  • Works on most computers
  • Simple, easy to use navigation menu.
  • Securely erase up to 6 drives at once. 
  • Automatic 60 second countdown to wipe. 
  • Mouse & keyboard support. 
  • Audio notifications (where hardware supports)
  • Advanced area for experienced users. Select individual disks etc.
  • All contained on a durable metal Red key shaped USB drive!



The Redkey is available on its own, or as part of a kit containing other coloured keys. The other coloured keys are not the same as the Redkey. 


The Blue & Green keys are simply regular, empty, USB sticks - set in the same style as the Redkey. They are just for storing your data files like any other regular USB stick, however - they are manufactured to the same high quality specification as the Redkey. 


Use them prior to, or following the use of the Redkey to store or transfer files that you actually want to keep. You must make sure you back up any data you want to keep before using the Redkey, because once it's gone, it's gone forever. The Blue and Green keys are optional extras that help simplify your backup and restoration tasks if applicable, but the Redkey will still work fine on its own, without them. Full comprehensive instructions and advice is included in a printed instruction manual covering various uses for each key.



Remote Update Service. Update your Redkey online to the latest version of software whenever future updates are released. 

Optional Text Interface. The Redkey uses a Graphical User Interface. A separate text interface is available for use if preferred.

Language Support. Choose from several language options. English (Default), Dutch |Nederlands, German | Deutsche, Swedish |Svenska, Japanese | 日本人, French | Français, Italian | Italiano, Spanish | Español, Korean |  한국어, Hindi | हिंदी (Graphical user interface only), Chinese |中文 (Graphical user interface only) English is selected by default.  

Enhanced, multi-stage wipe process. The Redkey erase process now combines multiple data erasing techniques to further make data recovery impossible. The new "Cryptographic" function encrypts your disk then discards the keys to effectivley make data recovery impossible. The legacy "Binary" algorithm uses conventional digital erasure techniques to overwrite every single bit of data on a disk drive. Internal wipe coming soon. Each Algorithm can be selected individually within the advanced area. 


Verification. Following a wipe, the Redkey scans your computer for any remaining data to make sure everything is erased! Works independently of the wipe process for autonomy.

Reporting. When wipe is complete download and save a progress report as a text file on any Fat32 formatted memory stick. Helps meet guidelines on data security and safe asset disposal practices such as those specified in NIST and GDPR guidelines. Currently active and under development for improvement with update due soon. 

Redkey is a work in progress and is being continuously improved. We have a roadmap for continuous development and improvement. Software is released periodically through our separate site redkeyupdater.com


Redkey uses a perpetual licence and is suitable for both home and business / commercial use. NO restrictive licencing NO expensive pay per use here. Great value! Use it as many times as you like, on as many different computers as you like. It should serve you for years to come! 




All our products are currently in stock & available of the shelf and ready to ship immediately from the UK. Dispatch usually occurs within 24hrs via our business Mail account with Royal Mail. All orders are sent fully tracked and insured worldwide. A signature or identification may be required upon delivery to some destinations. Free shipping applies on all orders worldwide.