Please note: Some products & services are pending the release of V4 Software. V4 product line release is expected in mid-June.


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Redkey USB V4

Before you consider donating, gifting, or selling your used digital devices - let the Redkey USB V4 clean them up for you. Redkey V4 is a permanent information disposal device that is able to wipe all of the data from almost any Computer. Not only this, but our top V4 Redkey includes the ability to wipe Tablets and Smartphones too!

Redkey V4 Data Wipe Tool
Redkey V4 Data Wipe Computers sony hp toshiba ibm asus samsung compaq

Compatible with most PCs

All editions: Redkey V4 is compatible with most Windows / IBM compatible personal computers made since 2001. Desktops, Laptops, and tablet PCs - most makes & models.

Compatible with most Macs

All editions. Redkey V4 works on most Intel-processor-based Apple computers made between 2006 & 2020, including the iMac, iMac Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro & Mac Mini.

Redkey V4 data wipe imac pro macbook air mac
data wipe software for apple mobile cell phone device iphone ipad ipod mini air pro

Wipe Apple mobile devices

Redkey USB V4 Ultimate can wipe most iPhone & iPad models made since 2007, including all models of iPhone, iPad (& generations inc. Min, Air & Pro) + iPod Touch.

Wipe Android mobile devices

Redkey USB V4 Ultimate can wipe most Android-based Smartphones & tablets made since 2011 with Android version 2.36 & above. Samsung, Sony, HTC & many more.

Data wipe android samsung sony htc motorola software erase
Redkey Updater Application All Versions Download Sectigo Verified

Easy online activation.

Using a Redkey couldn't be easier. First, activate the device with a working PC which gives you access to free lifetime updates and loads it with the latest software. 

Easy to Use.

Insert your prepared Redkey into the target computer you want to wipe. Power up the computer and hit whichever key gets you into the boot menu. Select the Redkey from this menu and then follow the on-screen instructions. You'll be up and running in no time. We supply basic instructions to help you along, and support is always available upon request.

v4 wipe erase ram cpu fan memory disk disc
Redkey V4 Data Wipe Tool USB C twin connector red

Product range:

Redkey comes in several options, depending on your needs. Our entry-level home edition key is the most cost-effective and affordable way to wipe PCs securely. Our Professional key includes a few advanced features, including the ability to view reports. Our top Ultimate key consists of all features available, including the ability to wipe mobile devices.

V4 Home Edition Redkey

Ideal if only occasionally selling or recycling a computer. Redkey Home edition incorporates all of the essential data wipe functions, including the ability to select from over 20 built-in data wipe standards. Let our easy-to-use software guide you through a wipe process step-by-step with minimal fuss. After the wipe, check everything is gone with an on-screen data wipe report. Redkey V4 Home Edition is available either as a standard USB key or as a dual USB-C type (Stocks of each style may vary.)

essential data wipe standards home redkey
Redkey USB V4 Professional edition hardware dual usb pro

V4 Professional Edition Redkey:

If you're more familiar with computers, Redkey Professional will be more suited to your needs. It provides access to some of the more advanced features and options that can't be found in the Home edition. The main benefit of Redkey Professional is the ability to both view and save comprehensive PDF data wipe reports. This enables you to produce evidence of a successful data wipe for anyone that might need it. Reports can be saved either on the Redkey itself or on another spare USB drive. Upload your own company logo to the Redkey, and it will show in the header of your reports. Redkey Pro. also allows you to view detailed system technical information on-screen, which is included within your reports. Need more flexibility? With Redkey USB Professional, you can go beyond our built-in Data Wipe Standards to create and run your own custom-tailored data wipe algorithm. Want to change the look of the software? No problem - upload your own images and audio to your Redkeyfor use in the screensaver function. Feature loaded & great value. All Professional V4 Redkey's are supplied as the Dual USB-C type. Why not start a data-wiping business with Redkey Professional?

V4 Ultimate Edition Redkey:

Redkey Ultimate provides the ability to wipe Apple + Android Tablets & Smartphones in addition to computers. Access all of our most advanced features. Save and edit industry-grade data wipe reports. Scripts: Save time when processing batches of similar computers by creating and running a repeatable wipe process which is ideal when processing sets of similar computers. Save time by importing auditing information directly into your reports without having to type it out every time. Redkey Ultimate has everything you need to phase out your expensive existing data wipe solution while helping you to remain compliant with current data sanitation regulations such as HIPAA, NIST, GDPR & more. Reduce your overheads with the Redkey Ultimate. All Ultimate Redkey's are supplied as the Dual USB-C type.

Redkey USB V4 Ultimate top best edition hardware dual usb pro
redkey USBC USB C data wipe kit 128 GB 16GB

Data Wipe Kits:

Our data wipe kits are designed to make life even easier when both wiping & restoring a computer. As always, the Redkey is for wiping data. However, these data wipe kits include extra Green and Blue keys for backing up and restoring any data you wish to keep, such as pictures, videos, documents - or even an OS. When used in combination, these three keys form a dedicated and convenient system to Backup, wipe and restore a computer. All data wipe kits are supplied with an Ultimate edition level Redkey which incorporates the smart device data wiping ability for phones & tablets. Our new limited edition Nickel alloy LED keys are not only stylish, but they also have cool colored logos that light up during use!

Redkey USB Business Support Pack 5 Keys ideal for small business

New! Data Wipe Packs

Redkey data wipe packs include several USB-C Redkeys combined with a modest bulk purchase discount. Ideal for business purposes, they are available in several quantities. 

Redkey USB Tech Team Leader Pack 5 Keys ideal for large business ultimate
Redkey USB Enterprise Support Pack 10 ten Keys ideal for organizations
Redkey USB can wipe Smartfone Smartphone Smart Phones Phone and Tablets

Wipe Smart Devices

Redkey V4 Ultimate edition can wipe most Apple and Android tablets and Smartphones. You will need a suitable data cable and a little patience to prepare the device. Our new Wipe Wizard™ feature guides you through the process step-by-step. Redkey works in combination with your device's existing erase functions to bring you an additional layer of security that is better than performing a factory reset alone. Don't worry; no technical knowledge is required, and the device's operating system remains intact.

Wipe Wizard™

This new user-friendly mode guides you through a wipe process step-by-step, thereby eliminating any guesswork. All you need to do is follow the on-screen questions, and the wipe wizard will guide you. The Wipe Wizard can be used when wiping a computer or mobile device using a similar process. Redkey will never leave you wondering if your data wipe actually worked - clear on-screen messages will keep you informed every step of the way.

Redkey USB Wipe Wizard Software Guided Feature Easy Intuitive
Redkey USB Remote Mode Blue Top Bar Erase LAN Network

Remote mode: 

All editions of Redkey V4 can now be used to wipe other computers connected over a LAN / Local Area Network. A suitable network setup is required, and minimal system requirements apply. Be careful - Redkey is a powerful tool when used in this way!  

Graphics / menus.

We've overhauled our user interface yet again for the V4 product launch. An improved, cleaner menu structure makes navigation more logical and intuitive, while our new light / dark mode will make things easier on the eye. We think it looks better than ever.

Redkey USB Graphical User Interface Icon Based Easy Navigation
Redkey USB Autonuke AutoDestruct Destruction 4 four minute warning failsafe


This fantastic new 'Set & Forget' wipe mode can be used for fun when you are sure you want to wipe everything - in a quirky way. Professional & Ultimate edition users can access a unique animated sci-fi style 'auto-destruction' sequence - complete with audio. The aggressive nature of the Autonuke mode is designed to circumvent certain technical issues, and to supersede our previous policy of starting a wipe (by default) automatically, as seen in our legacy V1 / V2 / V3 products.

V4 Technical info

Redkey V4 works on most Desktop & Laptop PCs made since 2000 and most (Intel-based) Apple computers made between 2006 and 2020. Although we are working on this, Redkey is not currently compatible with Apple silicon computers. Redkey USB V4 Ultimate Edition can wipe most Apple iPhones & iPads through a computer running Redkey software, and has been tested successfully on most models. Redkey USB V Ultimate edition can also wipe most Android-based Smartphones & Tablets and has been tested successfully on various models made by multiple manufacturers made since 2011 (2.36 - Gingerbread) and above. Some device configuration may be required. Exceptions apply. Redkey V4 software minimal system requirements: X86/X64 & 1GB RAM. (4GB RAM if utilizing the new remote wipe feature.) Redkey is not rated for certain commercial equipment such as Servers and Proprietary / RAID disk arrays. Redkey V4 works on both internally and externally connected storage drives for PCs, including HDD and SSDs. Individual drives may be selected for a wipe through our advanced menu or while using the Wipe Wizard feature. Redkey V4 can wipe a remote system connected over a suitable LAN connection. (Suitable Router, Crossover cable, or CAT 8 LAN Cable Req. - not supplied.) Warning: Redkey permanently destroys all data. Redkey must be kept attached during use. End-User License Agreement & Terms & Conditions apply.


For enterprise consumers, the Redkey USB Ultimate helps you with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliance, with access to over 20 internationally recognized erasing algorithms and the ability to brand reports and customize the user interface to your preferences. You're getting our years of ingenuity and expertise, which you can use to enforce your cyber security standards. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safely erased, and protect yourself with the Redkey USB V4.