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Redkey addresses the problem of data lingering on computers following disposal. Data remains retrievable from computers - even after deletion. However, Redkey uses a special process to erase data, which renders subsequent data recovery attacks impossible. Redkey erases data directly from the storage drive within a computer, bypassing any operating system in the process. If you ever sell or recycle a computer, then you will need this product. Without Redkey, you are vulnerable to a privacy breach. 


RedKey is specifically designed to be simple and easy to use for both home and business use. Plug it into a spare USB port, then switch on power to initiate a wipe. Redkey works automatically, and interaction is optional. Minimal technical knowledge is required to operate. Now you can wipe all of your old computers - quickly & effortlessly. 


Using the Redkey USB is intuitive, but it is supplied with easy to follow instructions too. Support is always available via our dedicated website or through social media. 


Redkey USB works on most PC's – Desktop, Laptops, and all Mac's, including those with SSD drives. An optional advanced menu area is built in where wipe options may be customized. 


There is a 60-second grace period before the program starts, which helps prevent any mistaken use. Redkey also includes audio signals to indicate when a wipe is complete. 


The development of Redkey is ongoing. Our software engineers have been working continuously on the product for more than 2 years. Redkey can also be updated online. We release periodic updates to the software through our downloadable updater tool. 


Stop your data from falling into the wrong hands by using Redkey USB. We have specially designed the Redkey to be easy to use. It works automatically, so it requires minimal technical knowledge to operate. Redkey has no shelf life, so it may be used as many times as you wish on as many different computers as you wish. It should serve you for years. 


Applications for use:

Sale: eBay|Amazon|Gumtree|Facebook|Craigslist|Auctions

  • Sell your equipment, not your personal information!

Recycling: Free-cycle|Collection companies|Municipal / Domestic Waste sites

  • Don't risk a data-breach when doing the right thing!

Donating: Charity|Schools|Education|Non-Profit Organisations

  • Make sure your old equipment is clean before its new lease in life!

Workplace: System Admin|Liquidation|Asset Redeployment|GDPR NIST Compliance

  • Exercise due diligence! Sanitise redundant equipment before it even leaves the premises. Wipe & redeploy computers. Save time, effort, and resources!

When Buying: Pro-tip; when buying or receiving a used PC, make sure it's as clean as if you were selling it.

  • Don't just accept a machine as it stands. Start fresh with a RedKey wipe!

Gifts: Hand-me-downs|Giving an old computer to family, friends, Etc.

  • Make sure your computer is clear of any history, pictures, or videos before giving it away. Gift a laptop or desktop with confidence!

Properly remove Spyware|Virus|Trojan|Malware.

  • Redkey destroys viruses and other malicious programs that inferior desktop-based programs such as "CCleaner" cannot even access!

Sanitize computer equipment when traveling in or out of individual countries.

  • When traveling in and out of certain jurisdictions, it is a good idea to make sure you have no data on you!

Stop Hackers|Snoops|Law Enforcement |Government|Companies|Spies

  • No organization can recover data from your machine after a wipe with the Redkey USB.

Speed up a slow PC by wiping it clean and starting fresh.

  • Tune-up your machine! Start fresh and get that new PC speed back again!

Connect multiple drives and create a cleaning station on an old PC.

  • Redkey can wipe up to 6 drives simultaneously. 

Use in a crisis/emergency.