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SW Change Log

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Redkey USB V3.80

The current live & available version of our Redkey USB Data Wipe Software is Version 3.80 released on Nov 9th, 2021. This applies to all editions: Home, Professional & Ultimate. This is the software application that is installed on your Redkey.

V3.80 Nov 9th, 2021.

Change - Boot menu(s) changes + loader update.
Change - Boot menu 'legacy' resolution options moved to a sub menu.
Change - Loader debug info. screen now not displayed.
Change - EFI - Removed the initial menu for debugging mode.
New Feature - Integrated secure screenshot function.
Change - Matrix screensaver now always shows upon wipe completion.
Change - Matrix screensaver smoother animation.
Change - Matrix screensaver added Japanese chars.

3.72 Jan 20th, 2021.
Change - Improve SED detection on high end systems.

3.71 Jan 14th, 2021.
Change - Increase stability on high end systems.

3.70 Dec 15th, 2020.
New Feature - Wipe by partition.
Change - Changed standards to use NFR as the NVME alternative for SER/ESE (was NSR.)
Bugfix - Wipe standards enable for NVME devices (some that requires HPA/DCO.)
Bugfix – Empty card readers might cause system to hang.

3.67 Dec 1st, 2020.
Bugfix - Crash after language menu on some systems.

3.65 Nov 11th, 2020
New feature - Help screen feature added.
New feature - Pre- select language in options donotmodify.txt file.
Bugfix – adjust display of Asian languages in TUI (full width char's.)

3.63 Nov 10th, 2020
New feature - Add Multi-language support (actual translations.)

3.62 Nov 8th, 2020
New features - Suspend Improvements (new process, voice mode, auto-resume.)
New feature - GUI Troubleshooting options (UI Menu.)
Change - Support for disabling timers in options file.
Change - Ignore certain USB card readers with no card inserted.
Change - Remove Wipe Stop option.
Bugfix - Quit GUI if no acceptable resolutions found.

Redkey Updater Application All Versions Download Sectigo Verified

Redkey Updater 2.50

The current live & available version of our Redkey Updater Software is Version 2.50 released on May 2nd, 2022. This applies to both X86 & X64 editions. This is the desktop software application that is used to install software on your Redkey.

2.50 May 2nd, 2022.

Change - EULA Updates

2.48 Apr 7th, 2022.
New feature - New x86 & x64 (32-bit & 64-bit) versions now available.
Bugfix - Stability Improvements.

2.45 Oct 13th, 2021.
New feature - Advertising
New feature - New / updated all language packs. zh, hr, cs, da, nl, en-au, en-ca, en-uk, en-us, fi, fr, de, el, hi, is, id, it, ja, ko, ms, nn, pl, pt, ro, ru, es, sv, th, tr, uk, cy,

2.35 Sep 23rd, 2021.
Bugfix - Fixed updater hang if complex network config.
Bugfix - Fixed updater bug if too many network cards present.
Bugfix - Stability Improvements.

2.33 Sep 22nd, 2021.
New feature - Secure Screenshot Function Added.
New feature - Security Enhancements.

2.32 Sep 10th, 2021.
Bugfix - Warranty dates incorrect for some users.
New feature - Warranty date improvements. (Will now show as provisional)

2.30 Aug 27th, 2021.
Bugfix - Server selection improvements.
Change - Add message "cannot detect closest mirror automatically" in case of ICMP(ping) traffic is blocked by firewall.
Change - Add ability to manually select server mirror

2.27 Aug 25th, 2021.
Bugfix - Stability improvements.

2.25 Aug 23rd, 2021.
New feature - Connection Status now shown.
New feature - Network Speed Test.
New feature - Prevent wrong Activation code being entered.
New feature - Explain fault codes.
Change - Wording of message on close.

2.18 Nov 10th, 2020
Bugfix - Stability improvements.

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Redkey Updater V2.50 (x64) 64-bit application (EXE)
Filename: RK_Updater_x64.exe (Signed by Sectigo)
File Size: File Size: 8.51 MB (8925104 Bytes)
MD5#: fc6f9887942945037f903318c11e06fc
SHA256#: 2638febc22781276b66c599d38edf239f3e27ee25f70ea3b794b26063d9916d2

Redkey Updater v2.50 (x86) 32-bit application (EXE)
Filename: RK_Updater_x86.exe (Signed by Sectigo)
File Size: File Size: 7.58 MB (7947184 Bytes)
MD5#: f95b6116f8ad6a4ef4b4b6910523ecc6
SHA256#: 349813caeba23a5bf2152b6fdb705f40d22d409e86584396fa988b944470c85b

CE Certifications Portfolio (PDF)
Filename: Redkey_CE.pdf
File Size: 6.52 MB (6841516 Bytes)
MD5#: 68d43fc92648f5d97d76dd6a58610d86
SHA256#: 95911e1ce9fb44930b2d5c4ec4446d386107525995fa570832d86fc02a05f3d1

FCC Certifications Portfolio (PDF)
Filename: Redkey_FCC.pdf
File Size: 13.07 MB (13703963 Bytes)
MD5#: a0a96b2db148919b49756d97af578c26
SHA256#: c6b3f2ed8ba792a2e7378b51fc8a0283832b98d97ec9b26b831f60f9f9abd90e

RoHS Certifications Portfolio (PDF)
Filename: Redkey_ROHS.pdf
File Size: 5.42 MB (5680999 Bytes)
MD5#: fa193c775aef9adfcdb926738f7ffad3
SHA256#: 30565e3c8165e40f2e6846bf389f3b770ba520072321307ed0a9c75f12dee866

File Parameter Readme (RAR)
Filename: Custom_Readmes.rar
File Size: 0.00 MB (1223 Bytes)
MD5 03a0aacca996db0e777e9e28f1ebfa34
SHA256 b242e078762013cb8e53fd3c0f0e13cf0e61eae9b257944c16fb3b573ed4c0a8

Activation Help Postcard (PDF)
Filename: Redkey_Activate.pdf
File Size: 0.70 MB (733488 Bytes)
MD5#: 4e562d32a15fa4b6dee5836265b0ca96
SHA256#: 9b99b694f4e33efc265d777f00c487ac31d2f81f9465c6c705be549b89fa4074

Quick Start Postcard (PDF)
Filename: Redkey_Quick_Start.pdf
File Size: 0.25 MB (257779 Bytes)
MD5#: a61ad131d2f66b7a0fda14835e3afe1c
SHA256#: 94e047aa5fd0668f3368a7f1ac4e14258eaa1a8b1848d94f12cf61898db0d20e

User / Technical Manual (PDF)
Filename: Redkey_USB_User_Manual.pdf
File Size: 2.51 MB (2633239 Bytes)
MD5#: 2d4b6a1b6b85c5cf079ce805e435f441
SHA256#: db84aeaabfb012f275def52d9dfc250f8c4120219a6b413049ea168388e0a9f3

Data Wipe Kit User Guide (PDF)
Filename: RKUSB_Data_Wipe_Kit_User_guide.pdf
File Size: 2.51 MB (2633239 Bytes)
MD5#: 2d4b6a1b6b85c5cf079ce805e435f441
SHA256#: db84aeaabfb012f275def52d9dfc250f8c4120219a6b413049ea168388e0a9f3

Trademark Graphics: Wipe Wizard (RAR)
Filename: Wipe Wizard.rar
File Size: 3.83 MB (4021325 Bytes)
MD5#: 5c4dd4b02d5122e9415d42e8f56b9f43
SHA256#: 229dd512ef3df55ef3f998893f2163f9a1912c422b9f0d6f8c8d50d401bf94a1

Trademark Graphics: Warning Triangle (RAR)
Filename: Warning.rar
File Size: 1.25 MB (1313468 Bytes)
MD5#: 43de5c6cc73c6a511f4aa9e2a0032c5f
SHA256#: c3e52d386c42a3819214b1b0890c717bce06a1fbad3a1947e9b0074c581f3861

Trademark Graphics: Autonuke Logos (RAR)
Filename: AutoNuke.rar
File Size: 18.75 MB (19662761 Bytes)
MD5#: b7c9fa445586b08e2f4dfcdb2a786ce0
SHA256#: 2ae4c30c1e941612e5cd7133a1c42e943b6a930de18f88fdd15e66069482a0df

Trademark Graphics: Redkey Logos (RAR)
Filename: RK_Logo.rar
File Size: 28.81 MB (30210554 Bytes)
MD5#: cbc2562a6f21fbf940ccf7d126418f8f
SHA256#: e7dc1aee39c9824598714278bff59db89fada24d9da1e8145ac7c01510240bbc

Partner Graphics: System Integrator (RAR)
Filename: System Integrator.rar
File Size: 0.60 MB (631854 Bytes)
MD5#: 94214cac5713092a413324764a1b665a
SHA256#: 4b41e9e3927bf880417f6366d84ef8346bfafef6d4871ccc7c07e4f103271548

Partner Graphics: Service Provider (RAR)
Filename: Service Provider.rar
File Size: 0.60 MB (632231 Bytes)
MD5#: a8c98a7c2047172f53e9bf0805aeafd9
SHA256#: 96450f825d1e9b571c07d94efdf138c28b4873358b80bf7f3c929eb1a7aca08b

Partner Graphics: Commercial Partner (RAR)
Filename: Commercial P4rnter.rar
MD5#: b06c0fb4b61b49b996ca9128ab274e6d
SHA256#: 8a28808b7bc5426e524e037422d959d55563ac77adff413ec905f2da51e5b8d5

Partner Graphics: Authorized Distributor (RAR)
Filename: Authorized Distributor.rar
File Size: 14.88 MB (15608830 Bytes)
MD5#: b06c0fb4b61b49b996ca9128ab274e6d
SHA256#: 8a28808b7bc5426e524e037422d959d55563ac77adff413ec905f2da51e5b8d5

Downloadable Content Pack - Ultimate (RAR)
Filename: Redkey_DLC_Ultimate.rar
File Size: 47.69 MB (50009760 Bytes)
MD5#: 30c39ef7281ca7f88755ba14d31fca88
SHA256#: 6e50c4a6b9e30177ec5a3402c0329a27cf8f49dbaf56ddbb597c3dfef7d3f117

Downloadable Content Pack - Professional (RAR)
Filename: Redkey_DLC_Pro.rar
File Size: 74.63 MB (78260829 Bytes)
MD5#: 32eb45dd416afd38de126395b6a3b0a1
SHA256#: 15decc96b006f7ebec1e6f52e9b245d02f9b8291b4b9508e8f489c9e7f2dffff

Downloadable Content Pack - Home (RAR)
Filename: Redkey_DLC_Home.rar
File Size: 136.74 MB (143387281 Bytes)
MD5#: e30ed5cfd3bf4dd3f395bc7c7d6d0d71
SHA256#: 47d87c537cf9546841a73389a144a57905d4a5aeec3d9563a764653c9bf1ab96

Downloadable Content Pack - Cyber (RAR)
Filename: Redkey_DLC_Cyber.rar
File Size: 104.21 MB (109267939 Bytes)
MD5#: d4674fabaa0d558d2196709c00722fef
SHA256#: f15259eaaec0d2be2ff957cb6420678bd1047e13fb6ca31ee24a6023b4f56b7b

Downloadable Content Pack - Supercars (RAR)
Filename: Redkey_DLC_Cars.rar
File Size: 52.42 MB (54970073 Bytes)
MD5#: 6a959c91d39580f4d1d220f068e0ccc8
SHA256#: 494a380aa461a63cddbedc394158d24f67a0da664be54bf361cf01c7769f51c0

ADISA Certification (PDF)
Filename: ADISA_Redkey_USB_ADPC0094.pdf
File Size: 0.57 MB (595581 Bytes)
MD5#: b0af8bb2c33811f7bab882244b829754
SHA256#: 151d06f6773d694dd363dcd51c6148a834966fb8307b3fc0e42dffbadb0f3f54

GS1 Report (PDF)
Filename: report.pdf
File Size: 0.14 MB (144486 Bytes)
MD5#: a6e423faace7d495aa2d2f02fb2d76d7
SHA256#: 23dd0a7eee075591c5239aad09b241db86a37ca7b1a33ec6843c8b54c7a5dfe4

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