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About Us

Redkey Team Office London

Who are we?

We are a small friendly Tech. Startup based in the UK. Initially, we had planned to move into the repair and recycling of mobile devices, but on discovering that the cost of data wiping by third parties was prohibitively expensive - we decided to invent our own competitively-priced data wipe software product. Today through various rounds of crowdfunding and through the excellent use of social media, Redkey USB LTD has shaken up the data wipe market to become a leading innovator in our field.

What is a Redkey USB?

Redkey USB is an award-winning product that securely wipes all data from the hard drive inside a computer. It's specifically designed to be easy to use. Our military-grade software runs from the unique Red USB key you buy from us. Once you receive the key, activate and update it online before use, and you are good to go. Redkey is a one-time purchase with no ongoing costs. It provides unlimited use, and we supply you with unlimited software updates.

Warning Redkey Permanently Destroys Data
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Redkey USB Editions:

Redkey is available in three different versions, depending on your needs. Home, Professional & Ultimate. Our entry-level Home edition key is the most cost-effective and affordable way to wipe PCs securely. Our Professional key includes a few advanced features, including the ability to save data wipe reports. Our powerful Ultimate Redkey is recommended for business use and consists of all features available, including unique timesaving functions.

Thank you.

Thank you to all those who have supported us over the past several years! You are the reason why we’re here. Thanks to our user-centric focus, Redkey has rapidly become one of the most recognized and trusted names in the data erasing industry in just four years. We continue to lead the way in innovation, and our continuous reinvestment in product development and infrastructure ensures our products combine the latest technology with great value and reliable performance.

Redkey Thank You

Redkey USB LTD

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