Version 2.60 of Redkey Updater has been released. All prior versions have been sunsetted.

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Data Wipe Kit V4 USB-C 128GB

Backup, wipe and restore any* computer with one of our limited edition "Platinum" data wipe kits. Presented in attractive protective packaging with complementary accessories.

Kit contents:

  • 1 X Redkey USB Ultimate
  • 1 X Bluekey 16GB
  • 1 X Greenkey 128GB
  • 3 x High Quality color-coded neck lanyards (Red, Blue, Green)

All keys in attractive & durable stainless steel finish with color-coded logos. Presented in DVD-style storage case with protective colour coded compartments for each key. Includes printed user guide + Quick start + Activation card.

Redkey USB: Completely wipe a computer of all data. Simple & easy to use. Built-in menu. HDD & SSD eraser. Data destruction. Custom wipe options + pre-set international wipe standards. Wipe drives individually or in parallel. Save a basic report. Works on internal & external drives / disks. Continuous ongoing product support & software updates released periodically.

Bluekey 16GB: Flash storage drive. Ideal for installing an operating system, quickly and reliably. Compatible with Windows media creation tool. Compatible with Linux live. A smaller capacity flash drive suitable for backing up precious data or for general day to day use. Capacity = Approx. 16GB (~15296 M/Bytes). High-speed USB 3 standard media. Read Speed up to 39 MBytes/s. Writing Speed up to 18 MBytes/s.

Greenkey 128GB: A larger-capacity flash drive, ideal for use when backing up larger media files and folders that contain videos. Use the Greenkey to quickly and reliably back up data that you wish to keep before performing a data-wipe. Use it to restore files after a wipe & restore. Capacity = Approx. 128GB (~120,026 M/Bytes.). High-speed USB 3 standard media. Read Speed up to 39 MBytes/s. Writing Speed up to 18 MBytes/s. Suitable for everyday use.

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