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Wipe any PC or Mac in 2 minutes? Linus tech tips review

Any data security tech expert will tell you this about data privacy: When it comes to private and sensitive information, you can never be too secure. With all the different unscrupulous entities out there looking out for any data that can be exploited for personal or business reasons, being forearmed is absolutely necessary. Even the simple matter of making sure your old laptop PC or MacBook is clean of data before selling it at eBay or Amazon is not to be taken lightly because wiping the data from drives really important.

It is a common misconception that just deleting the files and clearing the recycle bin (or in the case of Macs, putting it in the trash and choosing empty) is enough to permanently remove and wipe data. Most regular consumers are unaware that there are areas within hard drives and solid-state drives (SSD’s) where data resides that can be recovered with the right tools. Most people would be surprised to learn that even a reformat can be insufficient!

You’ll be glad to know, however, that there are options available for non-techie consumers to conduct a complete wipe of their private data from Macs and PC’s. Among the best available is Redkey USB. This product had a very successful crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter and its version 2 is now available for general sale. Redkey USB clients and customers have been very satisfied with the ease of use and reliable 100% data wipe provided by the product.

How good is Redkey USB in practice? Just ask the Linus Tech Tips guys!

The guys at Linus tech tips test Redkey USB… with surprising results!

Linus Tech Tips (headed by Linus Sebastian) runs a series of websites, forums, and social media channels, particularly on YouTube which showcases up and coming new apps, gadgets, and other technologies for the consumer market. With a subscriber count of 13 million and above across all their channels, Linus Tech Tips is one of the most influential technologies social media influencers running to date.

As can be seen in this video, Sebastian and the Linus Tech Tips crew were leery of how well Redkey USB could live up to its tagline of “Data Gone Forever” when it comes to wiping data from drives fast and easy. Setting up a sample scenario at the start of how easily data that is supposed to be removed can be easily recovered with the proper software and knowhow, they prepared to, as Sebastian says, “thrash” on the Redkey USB performance… but found themselves pleasantly surprised with how well it completely and securely wiped a 1 terabyte drive with one pass!

In Sebastian’s own words, “For $45 bucks if you do more than just a little bit of secure data erasing… this is easy enough to use that pretty much anyone can do it”, giving their highest recommendation to Redkey USB! It is a rare occasion for the Linus Tech Tips folks to give such a glowing “thumbs up”, but they were very impressed with Redkey USB’s easy interface and complete data wipe! And with over 3 million views to date and over 2000 crowdfunding backers, a lot of people on the web agreed!

Securely and Efficiently Wipe Data from Your PCs and Macs using Redkey USB!

But don’t just take the Linus Tech Tips guys’ word for it. A growing number of clients and customers are leaving rave reviews on how good Redkey USB’s line of products provides an easy solution for all secure data wiping needs!

Interested in getting Redkey USB for your data deletion and secure information wiping? You can learn more here or contact us with your inquiries!