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The sad state of the UK online casino problem

The world is a much smaller place since the internet explosion of the late 90s. People are now more connected than ever before. But with that connectivity come potentials for abuse and corruption. Technology is indeed a double edged sword.

One of the most controversial things to emerge in recent years is the rise of Online Casinos.

Games of chance have always fascinated the human psyche. As far back as ancient times, there is evidence of such games existing that went on to inspire their modern equivalents such as dice, roulette and cards. There is a visceral sensation experienced by people who play such games. It is no surprise then that the internet has paved the way for this to be translated to it's most modern form online.

In moderation, this is fine - even healthy. Unlike base animals, humans require more than food, shelter, and air. We require, intellectual stimulation. Entertainment provides a necessary mental and emotional role in keeping a person healthy. Unfortunately though, excessive casino gambling (online or otherwise) may lead to addiction with potentially devastating consequences for an individual. Sadly, this has particularly become the case in the past few years within the U.K. 

Online Casino Boom and Bust in the U.K.

Since the early 2010’s, online casinos have gradually been building up in popularity within the U.K. As mentioned, in moderate doses - games of chance can be a fascinating form of leisure. The U.K. online casino gambling market has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. A full third of the gambling in the entire U.K. is conducted online. This is how big the industry has grown.

One problem identified seems to be a lack of responsibility by online casino businesses. There are even historical instances of these businesses even encouraging players into addiction. Some hapless casino players have lost hundreds of thousands of Euros due to casino businesses taking advantage of their habits.

Another problematic issue within the U.K. online casino scene is that their websites and apps track the activity of players. Although there are usually acceptable levels of tracking (as with other legal businesses do through cookies and browsers), there are concerns that some online casinos are more intrusive and perhaps even target customers behaviour patterns in order to entice them to play. This raises concern among citizens as well as the government about data privacy. Some have tried sidestepping monitoring by using VPN and IP address maskers. In the United States, a similar issue was raised in 2013, which is addressed by internet providers tracking the gambling activity of their users. This seems less of a solution and creates more issues of its own.

Addressing the Online Casino Problem

As noted, the U.K. government has become highly concerned with the online casino problem in their country. Thus, steps have been taken to curb this controversial issue. One of the most wide reaching initiatives was to establish an entire division that offers guidance, support and regulation within online gambling addiction called Gamstop.

Gamstop provides an option for citizens who may or may not have an online gambling addiction to willingly be prevented from continuing their online casino activities. Registering with the Gamstop site is the first step, followed by establishing certain parameters that block a participant from using gambling websites and apps (including the duration). However, this self-exclusion is limited by the fact that not all of these businesses are registered and cooperate with Gamstop.

Curbing the Online Casino Problem for the Future

Abstinence from online casino gambling is for some maybe the best solution. If you have had an online casino addiction problem or know someone that may need help, Gamstop provides counseling and assistance. You can find their home site at

If and when you do decide to confront the problem, make sure to clean your storage devices of unwanted browser activity and possible snooping from questionable online casino businesses. Use the RedKey USB data wipe process to guarantee a clear sweep. It meets EU GDPR and US NIST standards, ensuring no data is errantly left behind. RedKey is simple to use and works on PC and Mac platforms.

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