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Selling Your Gaming Computer? 3 Things to Remember

Selling Your Gaming Computer? 3 Things to Remember

There comes a time that every gaming enthusiast dreads: The time when their old, reliable PC or laptop can no longer run the latest games releases. Even though the computer itself may not have any considerable defects nor require any repairs, the harsh reality is that time marches on and advances in technology are still progressing along at an ever increasing rate. 

Even those who have religiously upgraded the hardware and firmware for their beloved rigs will eventually hit the proverbial brick wall. Be honest: how many times have you upgraded the RAM, bought a new graphics card from AMD or Nvidia and added tweaked your CPU cooling system, only to reach a point that no amount of upgrading will make the newest game work adequately? Don't be salty.

But before you completely let go of your “old friend” and possibly upgrade to a new gaming rig that can run the latest FPS, MMO, or Platformer, there are a few best practices that you should perform. Check for any hardware that can be reused, make sure the unit is in good condition for the new owner, then clean it of both dirt AND of your important data.

Check for parts you want to keep.

Check For Parts You Want to Keep Redkey USB Data Destruction

While your old Kit might not have the brute power to run Fortnite or Overwatch, there might be a few parts you would like to keep for your next setup. As stated earlier, you might be upgrading just to keep up with the pace, so some of your most recent component purchases might still be good for your next rig. 

RAM is often a good place to start. The more demanding a game is on system resources, the more RAM you will need. Another factor to look at might be the Sound Card. A good sound card does not just make the audio quality better, but it also takes a slight load off the CPU, thereby improving the frame rate

Make sure the unit is in great condition for the buyer.

Make Sure the Unit is in Great Condition for the Buyer Redkey USB Data Destruction

While it's fine to “cannibalize” your old gaming rig for the hardware you want to keep, do not do so at the expense of the overall functionality of the unit. Think of the person who will be buying it. You yourself would never want to be in a situation where you spent your hard-earned cash on a “lemon”. If you take out any parts, make sure you have adequate replacement parts that keep the unit in great working order.

Aside from this, check if everything is in tiptop shape. Everything that will be included as part of the sale of your old gaming PC or laptop should make your buyer feel it was worth it. Clean it up, check if the keys are all working, run a diagnostics test, check the BIOS, and install the latest drivers. These are recommended best practices before you permanently let go of your gaming unit.

Clean it up – from the outside *and* the inside

How do I wipe my computer? Use Redkey USB Computer Data Wipe Tool. Clean computer.

Beyond cleaning up your gaming laptop or PC of dirt and grime, ensure that it is also clean ON THE INSIDE. By this we mean that there are no unwanted files or programs that will carry over when you sell the unit. Although you might think you can get away with simply deleting any files that are important, you should know that this would be actually negligent as it is simply not thorough enough. 

Maybe you have a habit of saving your email accounts, usernames, and passwords on a notepad .txt or word .doc file? A lot of gamers certainly do this for the convenience and speed of logging in to their accounts - especially since a random crash or disconnect from the server can happen at any time (And you know this magically seems to happen EXACTLY while you are a Raiding a boss in World of Warcraft or in the Final Storm Circle on Fortnite.)

The plain and simple fact is: simply deleting and emptying the Recycle bin is not 100% effective in erasing data. Even a traditional reformat can leave fragments behind that are sufficient to compromise your personal information. After all the hard work and time you put into getting a legendary set of gear on WoW, your not going to want to see your avatar naked on the inventory screen the next time you log on. Use an effective, but easy to use, data erasure tool like RedKey USB to fully wipe the drive of your old gaming unit. Afterwards, reinstall an OS and perhaps some basic software for the buyer’s convenience. And great news, RedKey USB is now available from the Amazon sales platform too!

For more news, tips, and trends on gaming, cyber-security, and technology, like data forensics and recovery and what it’s about, be sure to visit RedKey USB’s blog on a regular basis!

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