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What are the blue and the green keys for?

Data sanitization is a serious matter. Also called data wiping, data erasure & data destruction - it is the essential process necessary to ensure that no traces of personally identifiable or commercially sensitive information remain on the hard disk drives (or other data storage media) in computers. With all the misinformation surrounding Data sanitization on the internet, many people assume that simply deleting files from (or even reformatting) a computer is sufficient enough to clear it of personal data. Unfortunately, due to the way computers store information - this is far from true.


With the right tools and a little internet research even the novice fraudster or snoop can manually recover data from hard drives that have had files deleted from them. Even “reformatting” or “resetting” is inadequate. This is because even after deletion, data is still present on a computer disk in whole or in part. What remains may well be sufficient to compromise your privacy and security. This is where a tool like the RedKey USB comes in.


The Redkey is available on its own or as part of a Data wipe Kit. However, there seems to be some confusion when it comes to the Data Wipe Kits offered, so here is an explanation of the intended function of each key in order to clarify things for our valued patrons. Please note the Blue & Green keys are only available as part of a Kit. The Redkey is available both on its own and as part of a kit.


RedKey - Computer Data Erasing Tool.

The RedKey USB is our primary product and the delivery system for the process of data wiping. It is available on its own, or as part of a Data Wipe kit. The RedKey contains our unique proprietary software which is designed to clear a computer of all sensitive data. As stated as far back as our first Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign: Simply plug in the RedKey to a spare USB port, power up your computer (PC, Mac, Desktop or Laptop) and initiate the wipe. After a while (depending mainly on the size and type of your Computer's Hard / SSD disk drive) the system will display a message that your data-wipe is complete. The RedKey USB is the only tool necessary to accomplish data sanitization. Our other keys are optional extras and have no bearing on the data wipe function itself. Redkey uses a perpetual license, can be re-used unlimited times, and we periodically release software updates to improve functionality (the Redkey can be updated online)


BlueKey: Intended for installing / reinstalling an Operating system.

All of our Data Wipe Kits include a 16GB BlueKey and it is only available as part of one of these kits. The BlueKey is designed for installing an Operating System on a computer (but is not limited to this function.) A Data Wipe will erase a computer's operating system during the wipe process, so in most cases you may wish to restore an OS, especially if you intend to re-sell the computer you are wiping.

This makes our BlueKey 16GB the perfect companion to the Redkey, because it can quickly and easily be turned in to an OS Installation USB. Now, gone are the days of installing Windows using scratched CD’s and DVD’s - it is much simpler and faster to install from a fast dedicated USB stick like the BlueKey 16GB. And with fast USB3 data transfer speeds, the whole process can take as little as 20 minutes.

To use the BlueKey as an OS install USB, you will firstly need to prepare it. Just connect the BlueKey to a computer running the (Freely available) Windows Media Creation Tool then sit back and relax as an OS install USB is created for you on your BlueKey. This tool can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Website using this link. Perform your data wipe with the Redkey, then use the BlueKey to restore the computer back to normal. The BlueKey just helps make the whole process more simple and easy. We've tried to think of everything - just remember to prepare your BlueKey first if you only have access to one computer!

Our unique BlueKey is designed to be future proof. Windows OS install packages are continuously growing in size, but there is more than twice as much room as necessary on the BlueKey for downloading the latest Windows or Linux OS installation Media. 

The BlueKey is not limited to its function as an OS install stick – it can of course be used for many other things too like holding regular files, everyday USB use, holding music or watching / transferring videos etc. In summary, the BlueKey 16GB is not essential for data wiping, only the Redkey is necessary for that. The BlueKey is just an easy to identify, optional extra - set in the same style as our product range.

Please note the Instruction booklet supplied with every BlueKey also contains some instructions on how to create a Windows Installation USB. Fancy a change? Why not install a version of Linux like Ubuntu or Elementary OS. These Linux based OS are free and can even get you on the internet making them ideal for giving older / slower computers a new lease of life. As an added bonus - they look great too!


GreenKey (64 & 128GB versions available): Backup your files!


The GreenKey is the third key in our range and is designed simply for backing up files or for everyday use. With a choice between either 64 GB or 128 GB capacity versions, a GreenKey is ideal for backing up content you actually want to keep before using the Redkey. Having a Greenkey allows you to keep your BlueKey as a separate dedicated OS Install Key which helps circumvent certain technical problems in regards to which order you carry out the process. Our Greenkeys are only available as part of one of our Data Wipe Kits. Just like the BlueKey, a GreenKey is not essential for the purpose of data erasure - the RedKey performs this solely. The Greenkeys are simply a convenient extra for those who want a complete and convenient set of technology within arm’s reach. Both GreenKey’s are high speed, high capacity USB3 standard drives that works well as part of your everyday carry kit! You’ll wish you went for the full Kit eventually!


For more information, news, reviews, tips, and tutorials about data erasure, cyber security, technology developments, and related topics like this full review of how powerful the RedKey USB data wipe tool is for data destruction, visit RedKey USB’s blog page regularly!