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  • Redkey USB - Computer Data Wipe Tool
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Your Data Today Can Determine Your Future Tomorrow

Your Data Today Can Determine Your Future Tomorrow

Picture this. A cyborg from the future comes back in time to eliminate a key figure in order to determine the fate of mankind. Yes, that is the key plot to the Terminator franchise. But the important element in the entire story-line is that the machines eventually lose a war so make a last ditch effort to go back in time and find the one individual that would eventually influence the outcome of that war. Skynet used the data that it held to seek out the Connors (Sarah in the first film and John in the later films).

When the film first came onto the scene in 1984, the concept of accessing personal information through a centralized source was still barely out of its infancy. But now nearly 40 years later, this is now (for some) a terrifying reality. In fact we have gone beyond that now even to distributed source of the internet, but that is a topic in it's own right. Fortunately, “Judgement Day” did not come and artificial Intelligence machines are still very much under control for now (albeit growing concerns over the issue.) 

However, despite this - there are is the clear, present and current issue of how to keep our personal data secure. Data breaches occur, both in the small scale and in the larger scale. “Big data” will continue to be hugely influential in our lives. This is especially true with how more and more of us continue to access, use and even rely on digital services in our daily lives.

Minority Report: The Dark Future of Data?

Minority Report The Dark Future of Data Redkey USB

Another pop culture example that we can look at with how your personal data can influence the future is the Minority Report. Although the book and the film centred on the idea of using psychics as a way of foretelling crimes before they occur, the fundamentals are similar. Basically, data available about people of interest are used to make assumptions of their eventual supposed criminal behaviour. While it does present an ethical quandary regarding whether a person can be considered guilty from an action they may or may not actually do, the concern about personal data being used against people is very real, even today.

In fact, there are many things about the 2002 film (that starred Tom Cruise) predicted that are in our current reality! Driverless cars, touch screen gadgets, voice automated controls… this is just some of the tech featured in Minority Report that is more or less - accurate. However, privacy issues due to data vulnerabilities are also something that turned out to be true! 

Big Data: Your Information is their Fuel.

Redkey USB - Big Data Your Information is their Fuel.

As mentioned, Big Data (a catch-all term for global data and the businesses that use this both as commodity and resource) will continue to be prevalent and grow as technologies develop. It is difficult to avoid. Fact is, the datasphere across the globe is predicted to reach up to 175 Zettabytes by 2025. 

These numbers may well mean nothing to you, but it might become alarming when you realize that you and everyone else around you are connected, and that we are all becoming increasingly dependent on this. Our digital way of life, from accessing the internet, to text messaging, and even ordering things that we need to survive, all of these actions involve accessing our personal and financial information. This is the present and the future that all of us are facing.

Protect Your Future by Protecting Your Data

Protect Your Future by Protecting Your Data Redkey USB Data Wipe

You might not be able to avoid the fact that in some cases you must willingly allow some businesses to access to your personal information. It is a necessary evil that we all must negate in the digital age. However, we can take steps to ensure your data is not compromised by turning off the proverbial Dripping Tap.

Make sure your security is up to date. Do not volunteer information online. Use 2-factor authentication whenever possible when accessing your accounts. Use a password manager and replace any basic passwords with complex ones. Use a VPN if feasible. These are just some simple steps you can take to defend your future today.

One of the most important ways you can ensure your data is secure is by performing regular data wipes, especially when you are going to sell or donate your old PCs, Laptops, or MacBook. Data wiping prevents anyone else from potentially poaching your information through data recovery methods. This is where RedKey USB excels and because it's process is easy to use, anyone can protect their future by preventing negative events ranging from embarrassment through reputation damage and or fraud and other crimes. 

No Fate but what we make...

Redkey USB Data Wipe No Fate But What We Make Terminator Reference

Going back to the Terminator franchise, there is an important phrase that we can all learn a lesson from. That phrase is “No Fate” (unfortunately, it’s not Arnold’s “I’ll be back”). "No fate" encapsulates that there is no predetermined outcome. There are many paths we can lead, but we do have within our hands the power to ensure our future is safe and secure. Let RedKey USB help you in doing so by providing a comprehensive data wipe, whether you are a consumer or an organisation. By taking positive action now, you can eliminate the probability of certain negative events ever occurring. The future has not yet been written.

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