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Redkey supports efforts to protect the environment

Here at Redkey USB, our main goal is to provide a data wipe solution that is easy to use and effective. However, our company also makes a point of doing business in an ethical and responsible way and we are proud to support any relevant initiatives. One of the most important initiatives that RedKey USB LTD promotes is protecting the environment.

We only have one world to live in (at least until we can both terraform and travel faster than the speed of light). Thus, the protection of our natural resources and atmosphere is paramount to us all. To this end, RedKey USB highly encourages the Recycling of used electronic goods such as computers.

In relation to this, RedKey has had the pleasure of sponsoring a noble effort currently in progress by a student group from California in the USA. Read on to learn more!

The Reality of Physical “E-Waste”

There is no denying that the environment is changing. We, as the dominant life forms on this planet must rise to the responsibility of protecting it as best we can - not just for ourselves but also for our future generations. Although some climate change is a natural occurrence that happens during the life cycle of a world, humankind has in general been making matters a whole lot worse since the first industrial revolution

The fact that humankind has now for so long consumed so many natural resources, generated so much waste and caused the pollution of various habitats worldwide is no secret. Thankfully, the efforts of environmental protectionists have come back in to the limelight recently due to the media focus on climate activists like the young Swede Greta Thunberg and her peers. Her message is clear - anyone can make a difference in their own small way. 

Physical waste is quite easy to pin down on each of us. If you practice proper waste segregation and are mindful of your carbon footprint (i.e. curbing the use of fossil fuels etc), then you are already doing your part. However, one area that you might not be so aware of is the growing problem of “E-Waste”.

E-waste stems from our use of electronic devices and products. Note that almost every electronic device is constructed out of plastics and metals derived from natural resources. These can produce contaminants over time if not recycled correctly. Ask yourself: how many times have you discarded old cell phones, computers, hard drives, USB flash drives, and the like nonchalantly (or even irresponsibly, if you were being honest)? And if you did, were these gadgets actually useless or could they have been reused or recycled in some way? It is not unheard of for perfectly usable (though old) non-chic devices to be thrown away casually by their prior owners.

The fact is, we can all start to take action now to reduce our climate impact and help make things better. After all, we do all live here! With this in mind, maybe we should all be more self-aware and responsible with how we handle both regular trash and “E-Waste”.

Working With RedKey to Protect the Environment.

As mentioned prior, RedKey greatly supports efforts to help protect the environment. In relation to this, our staff received an interesting and uplifting contact from a pair of budding eco-superstars in Palos Verdes, California. Here is the inspiring message the staff at RedKey received from these remarkable students:

My name is Dawson Goldsmith. I am a current senior at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California. Before graduating, my school requires me to acknowledge a local, national, or global issue that we care about, and then craft an action plan designed to combat the aforementioned issue. My partner and friend, Sammy Bernstein and I are avid technology enthusiasts. We enjoy spending our free time building computers and working on electronics. Since we care so deeply about technology, the issue we decided to recognize was that of e-waste, with an action plan aimed to combat the issues within the digital divide.

With the growth of mass consumerism and the introduction of planned obsolescence apparent in technology around the world, e-waste is growing into a large scale global health and environmental issue. As old technology slows down, people throw away their electronics, either improperly or at e-waste recycling facilities. While many of these recycling facilities are funded by the government with the right intentions, they themselves create a whole host of new issues, as the collected e-waste is often just shipped off to developing nations for dismantling. When e-waste is sent to developing nations for disassembly, often times the underpaid labor force feels the pain and suffering through health repercussions after prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals. Additionally, irresponsible e-waste recycling practices cause toxic chemical waste to leach into the environment creating massive negative global environmental impact.

In order to help do our part in combating the growing e-waste problem, Sammy and I will be collecting old broken computers which we will fix and refurbish with other collected cross-compatible parts. We will wipe the data off the old computers, and then set them up for future use. After we have accumulated enough working computers, we will donate them to local underfunded convalescent homes where we will run computer workshops teaching the residents how to operate them. Our goal is to keep as many salvageable, working parts out of e-waste recycling centers to avoid contributing to the negative environmental and health impacts caused by the current system. Additionally, we will help connect the older generation to younger ones by helping them navigate the internet and develop technological literacy, which they can use to stay in contact with family and friends. We hope to make as large an impact as we can locally. Hopefully, we can inspire others around us to do something similar and at least be more conscientious about their technology consumption and e-waste production."

Wow. This is certainly a bold and worthy cause. It is really heartwarming to know that there are those within the younger generation like Dawson and Sammy who are socially responsible with bold & bright ideas!

To assist Dawson and Sammy's brave new initiative, RedKey has generously provided the tools they will need to completely wipe the old drives of the computers they will be processing. As RedKey USB’s data wipe solution is compliant with the United States NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) cybersecurity framework recommendations of a 2 pass Data Wipe, their group will be sure to attain 100% data erasure on the equipment they process. 

Minimize Physical and E-Waste the RedKey Way!

Recycling old PCs, laptops, Macbooks, and other devices through selling or donation helps reduce waste materials and resources. However, it is imperative to do so with care. Cleaning up the hardware physically goes hand in hand with goal of clearing old data to defend against those with low moral intentions. Using the RedKey USB data wipe tool-set greatly assists in achieving such goals.

If you would like to know more about how RedKey USB helps protects both enterprise and personal data from falling into the wrong hands, contact us today! And for more news, tips, and useful information about cybersecurity, gaming, and digital technology, visit RedKey’s blog regularly!

PS: We will provide updates on Dawson and Sammy's project over the next few months as it progresses. Watch this space!