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Full review of Redkey USB by Britec computers, UK

In this age of data and technology, it is easy to be remiss about the so-called digital “footprints” people leave in their wake. One way that regular consumers can be caught off-guard in terms of leaving sensitive data and information lying around is giving away or selling off older PCs and Macs.

Most people will assume simply deleting the hard drives and/or reformatting/resetting is sufficient. However, even the average techie knows this is not entirely true. With a little knowhow and the right tools, the data you thought you had removed from that old rig is now being used by others.

With how convenient it is to save valuable information on documents such as passwords, social security numbers, bank account information, and much more, one should take extra care by using a system like Redkey USB data wipe tools to guarantee that your drives are clean before letting them go.

But what is the RedKey USB data wipe tool? How does it work? Why is it the most effective data and information clean wiping tool in the market today? Let’s take a look!

What is RedKey USB?

RedKey USB is a powerful, yet simple tool for data wiping drives completely and efficiently packaged in a very affordable price. While there are some options for data wiping available on the internet (some of them are technically “free”), these options are either very expensive, difficult for novices to use, or a combination of both, and the free ones, while serviceable, are limited and outdated.

With RedKey USB, consumers can have the power to effortlessly wipe the hard drives from PCs and Mac OS drives. No need for complicated commands and messy trial and error. The RedKey USB was designed to follow a simple principle of “plug in and process”. When you are ready to cleanly wipe the data from your old drive before donating it or selling it online, plug the unit in to a USB port, start the boot up, and then wait for the options to come up on the screen.

Choose the option to begin wiping process and wait for it to give a message that it is done and THAT’S IT.

Wait. Is RedKey USB Really THAT Easy?

It seems to be surprising that it would be this easy to perform. But to reinforce this idea, Brian from Britec09 took a close look at the RedKey USB, including the contents of the package the company sends to their customers. The Britec09 review provides a detailed description of the RedKey USB data wipe tool’s process, including how the system does not simply “delete” the files, but also overwrites any remaining bits with gibberish and unusable data. Brian goes at length as to how this is the most efficient method available for completely clearing old drives for PCs and Macs available, well worth the RedKey USB product price.

Simple and Effective Data Wiping

The RedKey USB data wipe tool and system is arguably the most effective for the mass market. And Brian @ Britec is not the only one with this opinion. Even the folks at Linus Tech Tips agree with this assessment of how effective and hassle-free the RedKey USB product line is to use, giving it a hearty recommendation! So why settle for complicated or expensive data wiping software that does not guarantee 100% data removal from PC and Mac drives? Try RedKey USB today!

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