• Redkey USB - Computer Data Wipe Tool
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  • Redkey USB - Computer Data Wipe Tool
  • Eliminate Risk - Protect Your Privacy
  • Free Tracked Shipping Worldwide. Fast 24hr Dispatch.

Completely Wipe Private Data from a Mac?

Completely Wipe Private Data from a Mac?

Picture this scenario: you’ve had an Apple/Mac computer for a while and, though it is still a capable, robust machine, you have decided to upgrade to the newest model. Although you hold some sentimental value for it (as all Mac users seem to have), the newer models have features and capabilities you would like to take advantage of. So now, you’re going about transferring data and files from your Mac to the cloud or to backup drives. That alone is a tedious, long drawn out task.

So, let us say you have completed that part after some time and now, you want to make sure any files that were not transferred are out of the Mac’s drive, as well as any errant data and files are erased. So you will be performing a full data wipe of the Mac. The thing with Apple/Mac computers is that the proprietary system is slightly different when it comes to permanent deletion of files when compared to PCs. You do not simply put the files into the “Trash” and choose “empty” and call it a day. Aside from the fact that this just removes the file from the viewable directory, there are recovery options that are out on the market to recover files from your Mac. This is because the system is designed to keep files in the drive unless the space the data is using is overwritten.

Now Macs do have functions that allow their users to permanently remove files, but it is quite time consuming to manually do so. In our fast paced world, you could certainly find better things to do with your time. Thankfully, there are apps and products that you can purchase which makes 100% data wiping fast and easy. One of the best available is the RedKey USB system.


How to Use the RedKey USB to Wipe Data from a Mac

In this video, you can see the step-by-step process of wiping an Apple Macbook Pro of data and files from its drive permanently and securely using a RedKey USB. The process is just as straightforward as follows:

  • Make sure the power lead is plugged in
  • Insert the RedKey USB into one of the available USB ports
  • Power up the Mac
  • When you hear a startup sound trigger, hold down the OPTION key on your Mac
  • A screen will pop up as seen in the video which informs you to release the OPTION key
  • Choose the option “EFI Boot” on the screen
  • You will see the RedKey running and performing the data wipe (note: the data wiping is fully automated at this point which can take a bit, depending on the files and hard drive sizes. Do something else, whether work or play, while RedKey does the job for you!)
  • Just wait for the confirmation that the process is complete, which RedKey will display on the screen

The manual part of using the RedKey USB to wipe the Mac of files takes more or less 2 minutes. Everything else is automatic. How’s that for convenience and efficiency? It’s great!

Get a RedKey USB for wiping your Old Macbook’s Data NOW

Before letting go of your favourite Macbook, make sure that it is wiped clean of all the possible data that the new owner might stumble on (especially those unflattering pictures at the zoo). RedKey USB is that one function solution for efficient and complete data wiping. And it works just as well with PCs, too!

You can order your own RedKey USB at the homepage or get in touch for more information and inquiries. Find out for yourself why Redkey USB’s motto is “data gone forever”!


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