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2020 Data Security Technology you should know about

The 2010s are over and the 2020s are here and now. That shift in time brings change - especially when it comes to technology. While we are not quite in the era of flying cars and replicants yet (as Blade Runner presented almost 40 years ago), but progress is palpable. Data Security is an area where technological development is wide-reaching in particular.

The 2010s was a decade marred by serious and highly publicized data breaches. It was so bad that 10 of the 15 worst data breaches in history happened in the 2010s! Each involved the theft of tens or hundreds of millions of records such as login credentials, financial information, or personal data adding up to nearly 4 billion records stolen in total over the past 10 years.

With that in mind, what kind of recent or future developments in data security technology could have a positive impact on the world entering the 2020s? 

Cybersecurity Innovations for 2020

The attention on developing cybersecurity innovations is at an all-time high. Chief Information Officers from groups deep into data privacy and data security are prioritizing these areas above all else for 2020 and beyond. Data breaches, distributed denial of service (DDOS), identity theft, phishing, ransomware, and many other forms of cyber threats will continue to be problems that need to be addressed. In a way, it is like the proverbial snake feeding on itself - the more cyber and data protection technologies (and policies) develop, the more there will be malicious individuals doing their utmost to defeat them.

One area that is of particular concern is the development of Machine Learning and what it can do. “DeepFake” technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past year alone, creating very convincing attempts at putting people’s faces in videos using the body of another person. Just a casual search on YouTube for DeepFake videos will give a clear idea of how far this Machine Learning technology has come along recently. 

It is then good to know that there are several innovations to combat the growing cybersecurity risk in the world, in particular:

Data Encryption.

The first line of defense in protecting data and information is effective encryption. A good data encryptionsystem helps to makes sure only those who are allowed to see or use data and information can do so.

Cyber Insurance.

It seems like this should have been in-place quite some time ago, but cyber insurance policies are now becoming standard in the industry and for good reason. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, for instance, data breaches are no longer a problem just for the “big boys”. Small and medium enterprises need the same kind of cyber insurance going into 2020.

Passwordless authentication.

Passwords remain the norm, but soon enough, passwordless identification and authorization will be more prevalent. Biometrics and one-time password generators will become more commonplace in order to discourage things like phishing and fraud that still target the unwary.

Prepare Yourself and Protect Yourself.

Cybersecurity and data protection shall continue to expand and evolve as technology marches on. You can protect yourself today. Aside from the virus scanners, malware defense and verification options available - make sure your old computers do not have the possibility of being used for fraud due to lingering sensitive information that remains even after a factory reset. The Redkey USB data wipe tool packages offer the best available data erasure and permanent overwrites to remove files and information from old PCs, Macs, laptops, and Macbooks.

Data Wipe Old Computers

Regardless of what new technologies arise, it would be prudent to invest in data wiping tools that you can rely on, just like the Redkey USB. Even sites like Trendhunter and the Gadget flow give the highest recommendation for the data wiping solution offered by Redkey! So it is imperative to be aware of the data and cybersecurity concerns and solutions that the next decade will focus on.

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