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Crowdfunding backer tests Redkey with great results!

The tech boom of the 21st century is not showing any signs of slowing down. Almost everybody within the broad spectrum of society now buys or at least uses gadgets for either work or entertainment. The fact is, the future looks even brighter as new innovations come in. With relentless consumer activity on the rise, the turnaround times for selling your old equipment in favor of the latest shiny new toy can at times be quite rapid.

That brings up the important matter of making sure your old device is clean of any data and information you would like to keep private and secure. Redkey USB is perfectly designed to clear out data you do not want other eyes to see.

Now, any smart consumer can tell you that a product may well look good, but if it does not perform as well advertised then it's not worth your hard-earned cash. So how do you make this wise choice? Well, that’s where genuine consumer reviews come in. Having non-partial reviews (even harsh, no holds barred reviews) helps us to make informed decisions before making purchases. With a product like the Redkey USB (that makes the bold promise of a complete data wipe on your old computer) a third party reviewer with the drive to look at these claims in-depth is extremely valuable. 

Enter: Citizen X

Citizen X backed Redkey USB during its Kickstarter crowdfunding phase, albeit with reservations. A self-declared skeptic of consumer electronics products, Citizen X publishes YouTube reviews on hardware and software developments and impartially judges whether they are any good or not. With that in mind, Citizen X was intrigued by the prospect of a convenient and effective tool to wipe data from devices completely. Could Redkey USB be up to his exacting standards? He was certainly going to put it to the test so to speak.

Putting Redkey USB to the test.

As can be seen in this video, Citizen X pulled no punches. Starting with a brief explanation and presenting an example of how the typical practice of deleting files does not work, he takes a jab at how this common misconception can lead to unwanted data (like unflattering pictures) falling into the wrong hands. Citizen X goes ahead and plugs in the Redkey USB and sets about wiping the data from one of his USB Flash Drives. 

Confidently, Citizen X tries a process of recovering the sample data using software that does a deep search and identification of file fragments. The results he received were completely unexpected: Redkey USB left absolutely no trace of the files, no matter how thoroughly he searched for them! Impressed with the effectiveness of the product, he gave a full “thumbs up” to Redkey USB.

As Citizen X puts it, Redkey USB gets a “thorough recommendation” as a method for a 100% complete wipe of private and sensitive data and calls it a “valuable tool” for data erasure for both business and personal use. That is a great testament to the power and capability of the Redkey USB product line!


No matter how minute the data, it is probably in your best interest to keep it safe by making sure that it is not out there for anyone else to find. Just like Citizen X, you can have the same amazing results of convenience and security, with the ability to wipe data and information away from your hard drive, SSD or memory stick. Whether you are selling off your old hardware or simply performing a refresh of an old machine - take a look at what others are saying about the performance of the Redkey USB and learn how it can help you to wipe your data cleanly and quickly!