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  • Redkey USB - Computer Data Wipe Tool
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4 Best Practices BEFORE Selling an old Laptop.

4 Best Practices BEFORE Selling an old Laptop.

We now live in a world where technology is bought, used and replaced within in a relatively short timescale. With the advance of technology ever accelerating, our old equipment is now becoming outdated increasingly fast.   

So, unless you are ultra-rich - you will most likely at some point consider selling your old equipment to second-hand shops or through some online platform such as eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree among others.

Selling your old equipment can help offset the cost of your latest gadget too, so it's kinda important to sell your old kit as quickly as possible to get the best price return before your old kit depreciates in value!

However, before you sell - it is best to follow a step-by-step checklist of several things that you need to do in order to prepare your old kit for sale. Besides ensuring your old kit is working properly, the idea is to ensure that its wiped free of any signs of your own use. (like the search history to those “exotic” websites *wink*). Now, if you are an average consumer with even a little technical knowledge of these things, then here are are 4 of the best practices that you can follow as RedKey USB suggests for its patrons:

Redkey USB Data Backup

1. Backup Your Data and Files. Then backup your Backup. We recommended you make frequent backups of your most important data, files and programs whether you are getting rid of your old computer kit or not. But when it comes to selling kit off, its essential to cover all the bases. Do a proper backup of everything you need to keep prior to sale. Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage services can be used (usually for a fee), as well as portable hard drives and other similar devices. But beware: don't put all your eggs in one basket! Make at least 2 different copies of your data in at least 2 different ways. Mechanical devices occasionally fail, so for anything important - it's ideal to make at least a couple of different backups in at least a couple of different ways. High speed High Capacity USB storage such as the Bluekey and Greenkey allow you to quickly backup decent amounts of data on a convenient hand-held device. For best results, backup both to the cloud and a physical device. Belts & braces. 

Redkey USB De-register device

2. Remove Authorizations + Sign out of device – This can be easily overlooked, but this can be essential for protecting yourself from unauthorized use of software and services exclusive to you and your equipment. While data wiping (like by using the RedKey USB data wipe tool) will prevent any physical data from being passed on, it is also good practice to remove any authorizations relating to your old kit. This is usually quite easy to do on the service providers website E.g. Netflix, Facebook and Spotify have a facility to sign out / de-authorise a device. The aim is to ensure you are signed out on any device no longer in your possession (or about to be.) This can usually be done remotely from another device too. 

Redkey USB Data Wipe Tool


3. Clean the device of all Data. Clearing a computer by manually deleting files / formatting is time consuming, but is also an incomplete approach. Most people will just reset a computer and assume it will have no data remaining. The truth is that methods exist that can easily recover data even after deletion. This is why a data-wipe is so important because such methods are impossible after a data-wipe. While both free and paid tools are available, a simple, convenient and affordable system like RedKey USB is the best way to go. Once you have performed the data wipe, simply re-install a fresh OS and your old Kit will be all set for it's new lease of life. 

Redkey USB Clean using Microfiber


4. Clean it… (For real this time) – By this, we mean clean the hardware itself. No one wants to buy a dusty old PC or a laptop covered in fingerprints. A little bit of manual cleaning can work wonders to make your old reliable kit look great for the interested buyer. A light mist of window cleaning solution directly to a microfiber cloth can get things looking ship shape in no time. Try Isopropyl alcohol for stubborn marks. Try a soft bristled brush (like a clean paintbrush) to get dust out of hard to reach places such as in between keyboard keys. 

Before you sell your old laptop or PC…
Put these 4 best practices in place before letting go of your old laptop or PC to donate or to sell off. You can make sure the next owner will be happy with the acquisition, without the risk or worry of leaving any important data in the drive.

By getting the RedKey Data-wipe Kit RBG 64GB or RedKey Data-wipe Kit RBG 128GB you would have a complete set of tools for Backing up, wiping and restoring an old laptop or PC. While the RedKey USB alone is sufficient for the data wipe task, a complete data wipe kit (which includes the Blue and Green keys) assists you with backing up and transferring data before and after RedKey does its job making life much easier in the process. 

If you would like to know more about the fine RedKey product line, you can find more information here or contact our friendly staff directly with any queries.

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