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  • Redkey USB - Computer Data Wipe Tool
  • Eliminate Risk - Protect Your Privacy
  • Free Tracked Shipping Worldwide. 24hr Dispatch

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Electronics E-Waste Effects and Recycling Issues

With the prevalence of e-waste growing, it is imperative for us all to know how to properly address it. 
Redkey USB Recycle Computer Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Electronic Waste School Collaboration Wipe Hard Drive Laptop

RedKey supports efforts to help protect the environment

Here is an inspiring message we received from some remarkable students in California, USA. 
 Redkey USB Computer Data Wipe Tool Man with Son Risk of Online Fraud

Video Games: Tools of Fraud and Money Laundering

It seems as though video games have increasingly become an area of opportunity for criminals to exploit.
Your Data Storage Can Determine Your Future Redkey USB Data Wipe

Your Data Today Can Determine Your Future Tomorrow

An example that we can look at with how your personal data can influence the future is the 2002 Film - Minority Report.
Redkey USB Data Wipe Gamers be aware Cyber Thieves Are After Your Data

Gamers be aware: Cyber-thieves are after your data

Here is something that most people take for granted - The personal data that they give digital companies.
The Reality of Digital Fraud Redkey USB Data Wipe Data Destruction

The Alarming Reality of Digital Fraud 2020 and Beyond

In the digital age, thieves and fraudsters turn to compromising vital data and information from their victims.
Gamer Girl Redkey USB Computer Data Wipe Tool Easy To Use

Why Gamers Should Double-up on Cyber-Security

Gamers that are active online are particularly attractive as potential targets for cyber-security breaches. 

Selling Your Gaming Computer 3 Things to Remember Redkey USB Data Destruction

Selling Your Gaming Computer? 3 Things to Remember

A time that every gaming enthusiast dreads: when their old PC can no longer run the latest game.
Windows 7 Officially Abandoned by Microsoft End Of Life Redkey USB Software Computer Data Wipe

Windows 7 Officially Abandoned by Microsoft

Microsoft has not provided any significant updates or patches to it's Windows 7 Operating System since 2015.
Redkey USB Why Was It Invented Data Wipe Worlds First Computer Data Wipe Tool

Redkey USB - So, why was this product even invented?

The future of technology lies in simplicity. It is this perspective that forms the basis of Redkey USB Data Wipe Tool. 
Redkey USB 3 Basic Things You Can do to improve Cyber Security Data Destruction

3 Basic Things You Should Know to Protect your Personal Cyber Security

Use these 3 basic tips to instantly improve your digital security and protect yourself from various online risks.
2 Best SSDs 2020 Redkey USB Wipe Computer Data Destruction Erase Format Disc DBAN Hard Drive SSD M.2 NVMe What is the Best Way to Wipe an SSD

3 of the Best SSD Options for PC & Laptop upgrades during 2020

Solid-state drives generally dominate the market for PC upgrades because they are faster and lighter than hard disk drives.