Update 19/05/18

Hi all,

Just wanted to post a few good quality images of the upcoming product which is 10 - 14 weeks away now from delivery - if not sooner. Please see the gallery for the images. 


Just to add - the lanyards shown are included with every purchase. They are handy to prevent the keys being lost etc if not stowed on a keyring.  

Regarding project progress here is an outline of what's happened so far and remains to be done: -

In progress: -

Redkey Software currently in ongoing development.  

Ordered and evaluated pre-production hardware samples.

Ordered Packaging samples - waiting to evaluate.

Ordered & evaluated accessory samples. 

Ordered & evaluated printed matter samples. 

To do: -

Produce foam cutout insert for packaging box

Finish software coding and testing. 

Produce printed material artwork (Booklet and Box inserts)

Order hardware, assemble, load & ship. 

Right now everything is all on schedule. 

Have a great weekend! 

Kind regards,

Gareth Owen

Redkey USB Creator