Update 01/07/18

Hi folks,

Just a quick update about Redkey USB.

The software development phase is about 90% completed now.

Below is a video of the software being used, going through the menu's and pressing the various buttons.


As you can see, theres still a little finishing to do but it's most of the way there.

Meanwhile I have been sorting out the packaging etc.

Below is a CAD drawing of the foam insert that will go inside the DVD style cases. These foam inserts are currently being manufactured in China.

I've also been road testing my own USB sticks, and it's clear that the laser engraving is more durable than printing, which can be scratched off by a nail for instance. So I will now be ensuring that all Redkey's are laser engraved and not printed.

In regards to order fulfillment, I am currently looking towards then end of August so around 7-8 weeks from now.

Many thanks

Kind regards,

Gareth Owen
Redkey USB Creator