Update 09/06/18

Hi Folks,

Just a quick update to let you know how things are going. 

The past few weeks have been pretty much focused on the software development aspect alone. 

Extensive software testing will be completed once the coding is complete - which should be about another week or two.

Other aspects I am looking at in the meantime has been to locate backup suppliers for the hardware and also I have sent some commercial samples to China for them to create the foam inserts for the packaging. 

I've also been setting up this website www.redkeyusb.com on shopify which has already taken several pre-orders.

Looking forwards to bringing you a major update by the end of the month. 

PS thank you for all your direct messages about suggested improvements and ideas for the project. You can be sure I have took them on-board and will be implementing them at some stage! 

Kind regards,

Gareth Owen